Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

Posted 2014-04-23 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image Courtesy of jzcreations With consciousness of your being comes peace, plenty, presence and gratitude.

A graceful life is living a conscious life. In this day and age, it is pivotal that individuals be conscious beings. This comes with presence, and being switched on to change and anti-social behaviour to name. Anyone can raise their levels of consciousness. In saying this, living a conscious life makes you a social person - a person of grace, elegance and charm. Those who are miserable, unhealthy and/or are living a life not in line with their soul purpose are deemed the unconscious ones.

How many people are walking around living life wearing a blindfold? That is not living, that is existing. Our creator brought us here to serve and to work (play) in line with our passions, rather than grinding to make ends meet. Many highly paid professionals, although materially affluent are living an unconscious existence. Take off that blindfold, and follow your bliss.

Eating right, and meditating enables an individual to be graceful and raise their consciousness simultaneously. In fact, any personally nurturing and spiritual endeavour enables one to live a life of amazingness. Sure, there will still be obstacles, challenges, frustrations and setbacks - yet you will be more resilient to such adversities realising the impermanent nature of life.

Be graceful. Ask yourself how you can live a life of amazing grace and gratitude of a daily basis. You will be surprised (especially in a meditative state) the answers that beckon on your domain. You deserve it. Amazing grace to you.


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