Allow Death to Inspire Living

Allow Death to Inspire Living

Posted 2014-12-05 by Rachael Millsomfollow

Life is Fragile. Earlier this year a wonderful friend of mind died of stomach cancer, yet I am here to talk to you about life and living.

My friend, an amazing business woman, partner, community member, mentor, role model, mother and friend passed away. Yet you are here, I am here - we are alive.

Allow Death To Inspire Life

Brushes with illness, death, our own or those dear to us remind us that life is fragile. Death also has the potential to spur us to live by following our hearts, to be and to do what we are inspired to do.

Let us allow the knowledge that Life is fragile to inspire us to live from our hearts to live an inspired life a thriving life, because every so often I need reminding the life is fragile, and maybe you do to.

My friend who died earlier this year was one woman who was not afraid to live, and live to the full, with family, with friends, in adventure, in business. Not only was she not afraid to live, she was able to share that inspiration, her special spark for living. I know she will live on in the hearts of her family and friends , and I am sure that I and all that knew her in life are better people for knowing her

Like you I know many whom have died, each death touches us in different ways. I think what touches me so deeply about the loss of my friend is that I admired her, looked up to her, she seemed invincible and yet cancer took hold. It touches me also because she was not afraid to live and because I see small parts of myself in her.... a mother of young children, active, young, motivated, loving.

We Reflect on Death

When someone dies we reflect: that we have lost someone we love and will no longer be able to share our lives with them; we remember that we too are mortal and hold fear that we might not have the time that we feel we would like on earth; we question our lives and the point of them. We cry, we laugh, and we feel sad, angry..... Yet death also reminds us that we are alive, right now, and to be glad for that and to love now, to live now. It is only through feeling the deepest sorrows that we can experience the greatest joys. Live like you appreciate life, live from your heart.

Death is a reminder of life. A reminder that we are fragile, a reminder to live now, to thrive now. Live now with the wonderful memories of loved ones who are smiling down on you.

I try not to worry that I won’t have time to give to this world what I feel I have to give this world, I spend time with my family, I try new things, I make sure I spend time doing things that I love, time in nature, with family and friends, dancing, singing. I allow experiences to teach me so I can be a better person and I give out really good hugs.

I want to really live life and I want the people that I love that have gone to inspire me. To become part of me. To strengthen my desire to live my life the best way I know how. Sure I expect I will falter many times, yet I will get up, I will try, will you too?

To live a life afraid of death is to not live at all. To not climb a mountain for fear of falling, to not swim in the ocean for fear of sharks, to not try something new because of a fear of failing, is not to be thankful for the life we have. As I hold the memory of my friend close to me (where it will remain) I remember that I am alive and I hope I can take some inspiration from my amazing friend into the rest of my life to live it even more deeply, more openly, more passionately and with more compassion and love than before.

Life is for Living – NOW

Life is for living. Yes; eat well, move your body, breathe. Your body is the best tool you have in the world. Towards the end of my friend’s life I thought, well why not enjoy all that sugar, veg out in front of the TV more often.... I might as well, who knows when my time will be up. Then I started feeling lethargic, had less energy, and a feeling started to grow that ‘hang on – I am alive here’. Yep right now I am alive. Right now – you are alive. I want to honour the life of my friend, it is hard to do that when I feel tired and fed up. So I made a decision to get back on track.

Choose to Look After Yourself

Let us choose to look after our bodies and ourselves so that we can make the most of being alive. It is through our bodies that we feel, the sand between our toes, see a beautiful sunset, smell a fragrant garden, and experience a loving cuddle. It is through our body that we can experience the sorrow of loosing a loved one, elation and wonder standing at the top of a mountain, dancing, singing, swinging on a swing. Without a body none of this is possible.

Death is Part of the Journey

Death is something we all are on a journey towards; we just don’t know when it will happen to us. Let us use the knowledge of death, especially of loved ones who have passed away, to inspire us to live our lives now, fully, deeply. Death is a reminder that life is fragile, so let’s make the resolve to look after ourselves, to go and live, to follow our hearts, to learn, to be, to do what we are inspired to do in the best way we know how. This is what I plan to do. What about you?


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