Ah Coffee

Ah Coffee

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I enjoy a cappuccino when I go out but not all are created equal. Some seem rather weak in flavour and others, well, something just doesn't taste right. I like my coffee nice and hot but unfortunately, with the fear of being sued if someone burns him or herself, some cafes serve their coffee at a cooler temperature. Having said all that, I still enjoy a cuppa out, whether it is in the company of a friend or on my own.

As well as enjoying my coffee, I like the vibe of a cafe and appreciate friendly staff. One of my favourite cafes has a blackboard with statements about the benefits of drinking coffee there. These include-
  • It's yummy
  • Makes you happy
  • Makes you feel good
  • Wakes you up
  • Energy
  • Makes you smarter

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    This may just seem like clever advertising but research backs up these claims.

    Okay, first off, whether you like the coffee at a particular cafe is a matter of taste. Each coffee drinker will prefer particular types, or one specific kind of coffee.

    Recently I picked up a Java Lifestyle Coffee Range brochure listing the types of freshly ground coffee available. It read like a wine catalogue with descriptions including -
  • 'bright and clean taste with delicate sweetness, moderate acidity and a complex aroma'
  • 'fruity and rich with top notes of blackberry, hints of spice and a hazelnut finish'
  • berry/citrus flavour, that is often sweet, winy and vibrant with a fine, bright acidity and a finish that reveals spice and chocolate undertones'
  • 'distinctive fruit flavours, a light body, sweet fragrant and a clean finish that pleasantly lingers'

  • Makes you happy and feel good
    Assuming you do find the coffee 'yummy', this in itself will make you feel happier. If sitting down, relaxing and sipping a coffee is something you do as a treat, this will lift your spirits. People who regularly catch up with friends over a coffee may associate coffee with friendship and feeling good.

    Coffee with a friend can boost your spirits

    Studies have shown coffee can improve your mood and may have an influence on lowering the risk of Depression in some people. On the other hand, people who drink large quantities of coffee (over 9 cups a day) can feel stressed and even suffer a panic attack as a result.

    Wakes you up and boosts your energy
    The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant so is likely to wake you up. Some people find they can't get going without their morning cuppa. Many find they can't sleep if they have coffee near their bedtime.

    Some people choose to have a strong coffee about half an hour before exercising as it boosts their energy. Studies have shown coffee can help people run and exercise for longer and lift heavier weights. However, it seems wise to avoid having too much caffeine before exercising.

    Makes you smarter
    Coffee doesn't increase your IQ but studies have shown it can benefit some aspects of brain function. It seems coffee can improve general cognitive ability, make you more alert, boost memory and make you react more quickly.

    There is research which shows some negatives connected to drinking coffee, especially in people who have pre-existing health issues. However, there are plenty of studies which point out benefits from drinking coffee in moderation.


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