Addiction PS Sister I Love You

Addiction PS Sister I Love You

Posted 2017-03-25 by Mina Keenanfollow

Recently I came across a video in my newsfeed on Facebook. It was something I normally would not watch or share but it was so heartbreakingly riveting and relevant.

The video shot by a man who was sick of drugs and their effects they had on people, showed his sister and her companion in a shocking and horrifying drug induced state.

They seemed unable to speak and their faces were twisted with bulging eyes and their mouths were set in a scream without sound. The girl was frothing at the mouth. I can only liken them to human zombies. They were semi paralyzed, nearly comatose.

The drugs were thought to be synthetic cannabis or bath salts which apparently have the same results.

It brought me to tears.

The next day the video was featured on a National news website. The day after that it was featured on national TV.

Apparently the girl saw the video, burst into tears and got herself in touch with a rehab.

I hope that girl can beat her addiction and I applaud her brother who felt so desperate about the drug situation that he made his video public.

He threw shame to the wind, he could have been accused of betraying family loyalty, and of course being able to be identified.


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