Addicted to the Holidays

Addicted to the Holidays

Posted 2014-01-18 by Sarah Psihogiosfollow

Over the last few weeks, I've experienced Christmas, New Years and being in Anglesea. The thing about holidays are, I'm encouraged to want to sleep in, eat as much as I want and catch up with as many people possible all around Melbourne.

But the thing, I made up for all the procrastination I've been up to. Instead of watching more TV and catching up on films I forgot to watch in cinemas, I finished my first film ever. Instead of sun tanning at the beach, I wrote a short film with my boyfriend and completed it.

Here are some ways to balance out chores and little project as well as getting much needed rest.

1. If you can drive, walk to places that are short distance.
2. See how your friends are doing and ask to hang out.
3. Stay away from sitting on the computer/laptop all day
4. Avoid any internet social working network site.
5. Go outside, examples (Park, Pools, Beach, City).
6. If you're on holiday and prefer to do all the things you do at home, have a look around at the opportunities you don't have while at home.
7. If you're going to sleep in, sleep in till latest 9 AM. That way you still have the whole day ahead of you.
8. Organize a BBQ or a little gathering function.
9. If you're bored, make changes to yourself or rearrange your room.

When we become addicted to the holidays, we tend to forget there's always work that needs to be done despite how much we might just want to put up our feet and take a breather. Regardless, there's no harm in doing so but don't get used to it, because there's always plenty of work to be done.


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