Acceptance Brings Light

Acceptance Brings Light

Posted 2013-12-04 by Lorettafollow

Sometimes the way ahead of you appears dark, endless and the hopelessness in the air weighs you down to the dirty floor with no kindness.

It is in these hard moments where you question existence, purpose and suffering. Your whys are screamed louder than ever before, your whens longed for dangerously, and your hows strangled out of you by the waves of emotion that crash on your body, salty and cold.

When the times have passed you feel dried up, dehydrated and thirsty for relief, for a new beginning.

Once a taste of that new beginning has touched your lips, vitality begins to dance through your body with a rhythm like no other.

The Darkness Will Pass

For those of you reading this, in the midst of a struggle and surrounded by darkness, please take comfort in my words. Please know that all this will pass.

From my experience I know that the first step towards lighter times is accepting where you are at this moment.

  • Accept the unemployment.
  • Accept the debt.
  • Accept the loneliness.
  • Accept the weight.
  • Accept the grief.

  • Accept the situation you are in and try your very best to believe in the lessons granted to you through your hardship. And most importantly know that it will pass.

    Acceptance is not only the first, but it’s also the most important step towards the light. Once you accept you can begin to move forward with your life.

    Acceptance is that first ray of light that bathes your intuition, sparks it from the state of lethargy and ignorance you have set upon it.

    Once you accept where you are you may begin to find answers to some of the whys, whens and hows that were fired out to the universe like cannonballs.

    You will always be answered, in whatever time the universe sees fit for you.

    Acceptance is the biggest door you will ever have to open in your life, and you know what’s guiding you there?


    Love is doing its damnedest for you. Love is trying to wake up your soul, take your shaking hands and lead you to the light, knowing that everything is and will always be ok.

    Where is it then? Why can’t I see love? Because love comes from within you first. The world is a mirror reflecting what is glowing strongly inside you.

    You feel helpless? The world seems helpless. You feel frustrated? The world seems frustrating. You feel betrayed? The world seems to be betraying you. This can change!

    Once you feel the spark of acceptance the world will brighten for you, one moment, one day at a time. Once you feel the love within you, the beautiful thing that’s been within you this entire time you will begin to glow and attract moments of love into your life, and it will be absolutely stunning.

    Be Patient, Love Is Always Patient

    I know that it will take time, maybe more than you hope for, but everything will be ok. In the wise words of John Lennon; “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”

    However first you have to be accepting. Find the good in little things, be grateful and slowly but surely your world will brighten and that gritty, heavy helplessness will move out of the way for love.


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