A Z of Self Care Yummy Food

A Z of Self Care Yummy Food

Posted 2014-10-07 by lynjofollow

When we think of yummy food we might not typically think about an array of fruit and vegetables. With summer coming in Australia though we can really look forward to the variety of fresh fruits that become available during the coming months.

Of course a few less healthy yummy treats every now and again can also form part of our overall healthy self care routine. We often hear about moderation and balance being the key rather than extremes. So it makes sense not to forbid ourselves from those special yummy foods we really enjoy.

If we do enjoy fruits and vegetables, or at least find some that become treats, we will be able to balance our health and our pleasure without the guilt that can sometimes come with eating yummy but less healthy food.

It seems we know so much these days about the health benefits of eating well yet we are immersed in a culture which promotes unhealthy foods, up-sizes meals and sometimes makes the healthy foods more expensive or more difficult to obtain. Finding a way through this maze to look after ourselves healthily without becoming obsessive is not an easy task.

We also have strong messages about body image and the way we look which we can then associate with food. This can lead to some pretty unhealthy ideas about food and lead to the trap of guilt associations when we think about food. Positive self talk about moderation, balancing our eating and exercise and accepting ourselves as we are are crucial to help us manage these messages.

Never before have we been exposed to so many choices when it comes to food. A walk around markets and supermarkets can take quite a lot of time if we take notice of the variety of foods and nutritional value of each item we decide to purchase. Gathering information from the internet before we go can also take up our precious time and place us under enormous pressure to know all about all the items. Again some balance and perspective might be in order.

We can also get caught up in the various waves and trends of diets and other fads associated with eating choices. It can be hard to sort out the scientific facts behind each fad, particularly when exposed to images in the women's magazine media about the miracles that have occurred for celebrities using a particular diet, often for a very short time. Learning to overcome the temptations to get caught up in these waves, instead exploring responsible websites with evidence based information about healthy food choices and also working out what works best for us have to be the best ways to handle this kind of pressure.

So getting back to basics when it comes to yummy food could be what it takes to be most healthy and care well for ourselves. Perhaps finding some delicious fruit and veggies is the way to go after all.


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