A Z of Self Care Keep it Simple

A Z of Self Care Keep it Simple

Posted 2014-09-12 by lynjofollow

It's so easy to complicate our lives. After all, the world is an increasingly complex place to live. More and more information invades our world, things aren't always as they seem, our expectations of each other get higher and higher. The list goes on.

We can sometimes feel overwhelmed when life's complications erupt before us. Family pressures, work pressures and societal pressures in general can conflict with each other. We can feel torn between many demands and loyalties. We can lose sight of what's most important, what really makes a difference to us and the people we care about.

Our health, mental and physical, can be affected when demands and expectations build up and get on top of us. The pressures just keep building and we feel out of control, no longer able to see the best way forward. We can start to care for ourselves better by prioritising things, working out what is most important and what will make the most difference to our lives.

Simplifying our lives might take some time. We can sort out the essential things from the non-essential. We can work out what we need to do and what we can let go of, or delegate to others. When we start to prioritise and let go we will feel clearer about what really matters to us. This will gradually help us to simplify things and help us to keep our lives more simple in the future.

We might decide that some things are more important now while other things may be more important at another point in time.We can learn to put some things on hold, to have short and long term goals.

When we keep things simple we can be more focused, more directed in how we spend our time and what we invest most in.We will be more relaxed and gain a sense of control over our day to day life. We might even wonder how we ever got ourselves so complicated.


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