A Z of Self Care Emotional Intelligence

A Z of Self Care Emotional Intelligence

Posted 2014-09-05 by lynjofollow

We hear a lot about emotional intelligence these days with catch phrases like "it's more important than IQ". We now recognise that knowing ourselves well, being able to cope with what life brings, and the emotions that go with it, and getting along with others are all key to our survival in our contemporary and fast-paced world.

Emotional intelligence is not something you are born with, it's something we all have to work on, and keep working on throughout our lives. Certainly some of us find aspects of emotional intelligence easier than others. We might instinctively be able to recognise and name our emotions for example. Or we might be pretty in tune and sensitive to how others are feeling.

The challenge comes if we are not aware about our areas of strength and weakness. If we are so super sensitive to the feelings of others we might not ever get our needs met because we will be worried about how it will affect others. Or our response, which we think is sensitive and caring, might come across as condescending or patronising to the other person.

Emotional intelligence means we are aware of ourselves and our emotions as well as the emotions and needs of others. We will have the language that enables us to share our own experience as well as support and hear others. We will have the ability to manage our emotions, even the really strong and seemingly unpredictable ones. We will have conflict resolution skills that equip us to work through those times when we find ourselves in conflicts, with ourselves and with others.

Emotional intelligence is a work in progress for us all. Research tells us it is worth working on. We need it in all areas of our lives. Working on it and continuing to develop and practise the skills actually makes a difference too. It can be learned and improved with practice over time.

If we are able to keep working on these skills we will at the same time be taking good care of ourselves. Knowing ourselves, coping productively with challenges and getting along well with others are all important aspects of our wellbeing.


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