A Year and a Month Late

A Year and a Month Late

Posted 2014-02-02 by LoraAnniefollow

As each year comes and passes, I always make up my mind that I will set goals to keep for those whole 365 days. I always imagine that I will be sitting somewhere with a notebook in hand, ready to write down all that I will accomplish, achieve, and improve on. Not once do I believe I have ever followed suit with this expectation I've created.

Why? Because something will change, every second I live in this world. Opportunities will arise that I would've never even dreamed of, and situations will come that change my outlook on any original goals I may have set for myself. I will achieve much more over my lifetime than I expect I will, however it seems disappointing when we haven't reached that far over a much shorter amount of time.

Not only is it disappointing and the closing of the year, it becomes ungrateful. With such an idea of what we should be like a year before, we don't understand that turning a different direction can be for the better. We start to forget what we have done, over what we haven't.

So, here I am, a month and a day late in the tradition- and I'm about to write my new year’s resolution. It won't be to 'study harder' or to 'become slimmer' or any of those typical goals we never keep. I have decided that I will write down a list of what I am thankful for at the end of every year as it passes. Everything changes over time, for better or for worse - yet we always fail to acknowledge the better.


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