A River of Prosperity

A River of Prosperity

Posted 2014-06-01 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image Courtesy of mapichai FreeDigitalPhotos.net Money is energy that flows to you like a river. Discover more and read on.

As within so without. Money is energy, no different to anything. Giving and receiving love to others is a form of energy. Money is a relationship (not just the tangible notes and coins, versus the intangible credit) that we have on the inside. Everything that we experience on the outside, first manifests from what we think and thank about through our internal dialogue. Give it time, no different to planting any seeds. We all crawl before we can walk and then run.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with earning and acquiring a lot of money. No shame in that. There is around $21 trillion of money circulating throughout the entire planet. You need to be vibrationally aligned with it to come to you. People love to spend time with people that they like. Same goes with money. Money only wants to hang around with people that give thought, love and self care towards it. Being frugal to a degree yes, but it also purports through a generous heart and spirit through service, value and giving. Balance it out.

Too often people are too skewed towards frugality, forgetting that the epitome of love and money comes from solving other people's problems first. Irrespective as to whether or not you work for yourself or for someone else; when you serve from the heart not just for money you're solving a problem/fulfilling a need.

Where frugality meets service, your money needs are more than taken care of regardless of what the economy is doing. The creator of our universe is an old, spiritual man. He has given us "richly all things to enjoy."

And yes, that includes money as an agreement. A form of energy exchange. If you serve others in haste (maybe you even hate your job or business) as opposed to love, all for the money; that money will quickly pass out of your hands to someone else that appreciates it more than you do. This is sometimes why mishaps such as your washing machine breaking down to manifesting a bigger than expected bill can knock on your domain.

To reduce such unexpected surprises above, you also need to allow your money to circulate, and yes that includes giving. Give more to your clients (yes if you work for someone else, your employer is a client) and the positive energy behind this form of energy exchange will amplify, and therefore money will want to stick with you. This is the epitome of spirituality.

Work on the inside, and you're demonstrating to the world that you highly value yourself. This includes the focus on nourishing self care activities such as meditation, pampering, sleep, diet, rest and exercise. Remember, your body (and your bank account balance simultaneously) is giving you valuable feedback in relation to your feelings about money.

Too often people focus on getting money first rather than engaging in the act of performing a service/s needed for this money to flow to you - like a river.

Congestive activities such as working way too hard; inharmonious thoughts; gossip; bitchiness; greed, and being a sneaky snake are negative energy style activities that will repel money from you in order to enjoy life's comforts. It is not the root of money that is evil, but rather the lack of money that people (mainly consciously) take away from themselves that repels their success.

Do yourself a favour - yes, there is a profound difference between modelling and copying someone else's idea. Copying is directly sneaking, whereas modelling is duplicating an idea, but you're still creating that idea from scratch from your own hard work, and from not expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter.

Money is a commodity that needs to be earned. Spiritual people get this. They are constantly cleansing themselves from negative energy, and doing everything that is nourishing that they can do to feel good to attract money to them. Money understands that we all have a flaw or a vice. For example, spiritual people do smoke. Doctors smoke too. This would not make sense, but the world does not make any sense. Yours truly eats many undesirable foods sometimes, yet if you engage in your own personal development on an ongoing basis; the financial world is your oyster. Focus on money, but do not focus on getting it. Focus on getting it, your abundant supply is cut. This would cause frustration and financial struggle.

Your mind is ultra creative. Come up with creative ways of earning more money, and/or charging more for your services from your own stand alone creations, and you will be richly rewarded with prosperity like a river when you give way more than what you're receiving. Being a high income earner is bliss. It is not all about you. It is all about everyone around you. We are all one circle of energy.


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