A Part of All I Earn is Mine to Keep

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The more awake we are to our stories, the more Empowered we are in life Selina Shapland

Why do so many people struggle to make financial ends meet? This is a riddle that I have wrestled with for many years as I have sought to understand how I can live a beautiful spiritual life AND still enjoy the comforts that life has to offer.

In our early childhood, we are sponges of the strongest kind, picking up the do's and don't's of life and relating to money is high on that list too. Even though we are not conscious of the underlying stories our parents and guardians have about money, it is through observation and modelling that we learn what money means.

As we grow up, we adopt these stories as our own and rarely question their validity until we hit a financial road block that will not allows us to continue to be unconscious around money. I think this happens to every person, no matter if they were raised to save or to spend. We all face fears about and around money.

My parents struggled to make ends meet with money and there was much anger and angst over this issue. I learned some very confusing money stories that I have had to challenge as an adult, as I have realised that I have been unconsciously acting them out in my own life.

Behaviours such as spending all my money as soon as I can so I would have nothing to live on. That was incredibly nerve wrecking but I couldn't stop it. It was as if I got money and thought I did not deserve it, so I would do anything and everything to get rid of it.

You may think it's silly to be like this, but when I was growing up, payday came and then there was no money for anything apart from paying bills and getting food. So, of course I did the same thing.

Mum and Dad did the best they could in life. But they were most likely acting out subconscious money stories of their own. So there appears to be a cycle in this behaviour.

I have learned that getting conscious about what I do with money is a big step to moving out of Poverty Consciousness and into Money Empowerment.

After all, that is where I want to be and since I have been doing what I am about to share with you, I have seen an increase in my savings and a decrease of debts and frivolous spending.

What I did to move from Poverty to Empowerment around money:

1. I started to search for an answer. There had to be some answers in the world of all these people that would help me. So I read books, watch YouTube and listened to podcasts on how people successfully handled money.

2. I listened to Sounds True podcasts on money and spirituality so that I could marry the two in a more harmonious way. This really helped as it taught me to look for the stories and the patterns of behaviour in my current financial situation. I saw a spirituality about what I was doing and learned that my behaviour was not only unconscious, but also all I knew how to do. I had no other program in my mind to choose when money came to me. I had to learn new options.

3. I practiced everything I learned and what didn't work for me I left behind. Not every money solution system works for every person. We are so varied in life, it makes sense that there are different money systems for different people.

4. I read a life changing book. It is called, The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason. It is a small book of parables which show through characters the many facets of having money, owing money and how to manage money effectively.

Not joking, this book turned all the other things I have learned around for me.

The line that got through to the core for me was, "A part of all you earn is yours to keep." It was a huge revelation of Biblical proportions inside me. No-one in my whole life had ever given me permission to keep a portion of the money I earned to build my own wealth.

I had to sit down, although I already was sitting. It rocked my world. When I read that line, it went through me, deep, to a place that nothing had ever touched before and this one sentence has changed my life for the better.

That was the moment I finally decided that I am absolutely worth it and I deserve to keep a part of All the money I earn -- WOW.

Now, I put aside 10% of my money before anything else. This is what all the money gurus mean when they say, "pay yourself first." Great advice, but you need to have the right program inside your psyche to act on it.

Everyday in every way I am replacing financial Poverty Conscious with Money Empowerment and you can too.


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