A Living That Fits

A Living That Fits

Posted 2013-12-06 by Lorettafollow

I love being a writer.

Writing is the heart that sustains all my dreams. It’s my blood pumping and my breath gliding; my muscles contracting and the doors of my soul staying open. When my heart stops, the words will stop flowing. Or will my heart stop only after I have ceased to write?

I have been writing since I was a child; from writing about a day at Grandma’s house and trivial high school worries to hazy hung-over college days to name. From song lyrics to stories, and to the crux of life itself - I have always let the words emerge from my soul. I have my hands on life comfortably now. It’s stopped slipping for the time being. There’s no control anymore; just a mutual relationship based solely on feeling and momentum. I move as life moves me. It moves as I move. Forward, always forward. Writing keeps the air clean, the slate clear, and time malleable to do anything and everything.

This Is What It Feels Like To Stop

I know what happens when I stop writing for some time. I can feel something building up inside me, darkening my aura of light and infiltrating my love. When I don’t write, I yearn for some space to write as it’s my moment to truly breathe. As soon as I start gliding pen over paper, I can feel my heart space clearing up and the air purifying around me. This rejuvenation is more than a recharge; it’s a reminder of life and to keep moving with it. The darkness building up inside of me when I leave writing for days is like saying, "Loretta darling, where are you? I can’t see you anymore. I’m losing you. Come back to me so we can go forward again, into the next good thing." I often ignore the voice for a while, until I’m forced by life itself to pick up that pen and write. I will always have time for writing; it’s pretty much a given for me, set in stone if you like.

You Have Got Something That Only You Need To Do

There is something in this world that makes you get out of bed every morning. There is something in this world that you could do every day to make a living. Make a living. Funny phrase that. Funny but true, you make your life. You get to choose the fabric; the colour and the embellishment. You are free to craft each day of your life...each day that makes up this whacky thing called living.

Some days the dress might not fit properly; the colour not match your mood, or the fabric not suit the weather. However this doesn’t matter if you have got your head down and your heart open, releasing your passion and absorbing inspiration at the same time, like the pattern of cyclic breathing. It’s a skill you pick up with practice, and as you get better and improve; the life you’re living will change itself to fit your situation as it changes with the times. All sorts of desires will start to fall into place on their very own. This is making your living. Making your living a fulfilling one.

Move With The Nudges

Like that little nudge inside that hints at me to pick up a pen, I bet you get a little push and pull going on inside you as well...especially when you've left a love for too long. What I’m trying to say is listen. Feel it and then act on it. The longer the delay, the worse you’re going to feel, and this tainted persona of yours will leak out and touch everyone around you. Like attracts like. And if you want to make this love, this passion of yours a significant part of your living; you need to do it every day, whether for one minute or one hour. Move with the nudges and create your living. Make your living a fulfilling one.

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