A Letter to The Easter Bunny

Posted 2014-04-07 by Artfollow
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Equally as worthy as a letter to Santa.

Dear Easter Bunny,

Hi! I wish I could meet you in person for a cuppa and tell you what I feel. Nevertheless, I hope you read this letter. If you feel I have been a good girl this year and deserve some gifts; can you please give them all to my mum who has raised me and given me all that I have today. She has been my inspiration, and I feel bad for giving her so much of trouble growing up.

When I was a baby, the sleepless nights she had, and the selfless ways she took care of me are simply incredible. I would always cry just when she is about to eat her meal, and she leaves it to attend to me. Today, seeing parents bring up kids, I wonder how she did it with no help; no iPads and no pram. And as a kid when I fell seriously sick and when the doctors gave up; the courage she showed, and the strength she exhibited should have been big enough to bring me back.

I'm sure you know this time when I accidentally bumped off the food she prepared meticulously, and I didn't even bother to say sorry to her. Back then I didn't know it was a big deal. Today when I make the table for my family, I realise the hard work, love and planning behind it, and how much effort she had to put to redo it all over again. But she didn't even say a word for that. Instead she ensured that nothing happened to me. She had hardly been rude to me, and even when she disciplined me, she only showered me with her love and affection.

Then when I went to school, you know what a naughty child I was. The trouble I brought home was enormous, and during all those times she never judged me but believed in me and gave me strength.

College days weren't easy too. Every day I would present her with a challenge, but she never gave up on me, and she literally pushed me to achieve all that I achieved; and today when I get recognised for some of it, I know deep down my heart that if not for my mother, I wouldn't have had any of it. Full credit goes to her for being patient and holding my hand every step of the way - in spite of me pushing her away.

While I was busy being excited and getting married, my mother was running around organising, being proud and dealing with so many challenges. Today when I organise a small birthday party, I understand the pain, and all the sacrifices she did to give me my biggest day in my life.

Living in a married life, I understand how her ways of life has moulded me, and has made me a better person for my family, and for myself. She gifted me a better me, and for that I cherish her a lot.

As I watch the rain and write this letter to you, I understand the many struggles, sacrifices and trouble my mother underwent to put a smile on my face. I wish I could buy her gifts, but I believe receiving them from you would be special. She never tells us what she wants, and has always concentrated only on our wishes and needs. So please Easter bunny, gift my mum whatever she desires. Being thousands of kilometres away, I miss her, and I would want you to visit her for one main reason. While I am sure she definitely needs a break from all the busy running around she does, she importantly needs a hug from me.

So Easter bunny, please visit her and give her a hug from me.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Hope to see you hopping around soon.

Hugs n Love,

A grateful daughter xx


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