7 Ways to Show You Care

7 Ways to Show You Care

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Even though the people who matter the most to us in our life have a fairly good idea that they are important to us, every now and then, it can mean a lot to them if we show them. They may know we care deep down, but with our busy lives, and therefore lack of time to communicate, it therefore can mean even more when we demonstrate it. It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday, or an anniversary. These people are part of our lives every day, so why not show them any day? Here are seven ways of telling someone you care about they are special to you.

1.Give them a compliment. There’s nothing wrong with compliments based on physical appearance but often when you recognise something further about the person’s character, it shows you’ve really thought about their positive qualities. Be specific about why you like what you do. Instead of saying “you’re caring”, tell them “I like the way you ask how I am, and really listen.” It shows you’ve noticed them, what’s positive about them.

2.Remember to ask about something they’ve told you that is important to them. For example, someone may tell you they have an upcoming exam, or if they have a holiday they are looking forward to, show you’re interested by asking about details of it.

3.Give them a token that shows you really have thought about them, and what they like. You don’t have to spend much money. You can even hand make it. For example, I have received little gifts from op shops and book marks that have been made. However, they have definitely been given with thought. And I feel just as loved as if I was given a large present.

4.Ring them out of the blue (at a suitable time!). Tell them you’re ringing “Just to say hi”. How many phone calls are just to see how the other person is? Sometimes, I find myself ringing someone but it’s not just to say hi…I am still asking a question I need to know, or I want to tell them something about my life I’m enthusiastic about. Whenever I ring someone to see how they are, I notice these are always the best conversations.

5.Do something thoughtful that is unexpected. Even small gestures like bringing in their bins, or minding their child can mean more to them than you realise.

6.Cook them a meal. Ask them what their favourite meal is and make it a surprise! If, like me, you can’t cook, you can buy it. It still shows you care. Even buying a fave snack shows the other person you are thinking about them.

7. Not everyone will be into this one, but if the person is, saying “I love you” or giving them a hug can be really uplifting.

Relationships are what make are lives meaningful and enriching. It is what makes life worthwhile.


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