7 Lessons You Can Learn from Your Dog

7 Lessons You Can Learn from Your Dog

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Dogs are probably one of our most cherished pets its not hard to know why what us humans can learn from these beautiful animals. Image courtesy of Vectorolie at freedigitalphotos.net

So many people adore dogs – their loyalty, affection and enthusiasm for life make all breeds loveable. However, besides having deep affection for these beautiful canines, we can learn a lot about life from dogs.

1. Giving love makes one loveable. Dogs are probably one of the most loving and affectionate in our animal kingdom. They are quick to come to your side when you come home and reluctant to leave it! They cover you with licks (= kisses). They are actually excited by your mere presence, with tails wagging. Receiving this kind of unconditional love makes it easy to return the sentiment.

2. Walkies are great! Dogs become so excited when they hear ‘walk’ – I know someone who has to spell 'walk' to contain her dog’s raptures. They seem to know that fresh air, exercise and nature will be beneficial. And if we think about it, don’t humans feel much better after being taken for a walk?!

3. “I won’t leave your side” Once you become a loving dog owner, your pup will display nothing but loyalty to you. They will stick by your side, through think and think. I think humans can learn something from dogs about this endearing trait.

4. “I will protect you. Loving they may be, but if intruders or anybody tries to be unfriendly toward you, their master, then a happy dog can turn into a fierce one. Their love for you means they will protect you with their life. I believe this comes from a dog’s loyalty. People also can tell true friends because they're the ones to stand up for you in times of strife.

5. Dogs just wanna have fun. No matter how old a dog gets, he or she loves to be goofy every and then, whether it’s rolling on their back, or chasing a Frisbee. We can learn how to let go and be playful now and then!

6. Puppy-dog eyes. How many of us can resist them? The earnestness and desperation in those eyes is something humans may learn, but that makes us perhaps a little manipulative – it dogs its just adorable. Nonetheless, I guess it’s still a lesson!

7. I have no hang-ups! Well, they sniff another dog’s butt !– I think dogs are pretty down to earth, compared to our ‘precious’ feline friends. They do what a dog’s got to do. We can learn from them a lesson about not-being too self-conscious!

Yes, dogs may not only be man’s best friend – they may be man’s best teacher.


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