7 Habits of Highly Successful People

7 Habits of Highly Successful People

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It is often wondered what makes highly successful people so successful. When you factor out things like education, talent or hard work, you are left with the daily habits. That’s right, the habits of outstanding people help to shape who they are and define their success. We’ve found the daily habits of seven iconic and famous figures to help you discover what you could add to your own habits so you can be successful too!

1. Richard Branson

Richard Branson finds that when he focuses on giving back to the world, his own thinking patterns are reinvigorated and re-energized. When you take the time and effort to help others you will feel a change within yourself as you become more motivated and willing to work hard towards your own goals.

2. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is a great example of working through your limitations. Although Paul is left-handed, he learned to play a right-handed guitar. He let nothing stand in his way to achieve his goals. The Beatles achieved what was known as the 10,000 hour rule as they spent 300 days out of the year, for four straight years to practice and perform in the same concert hall. This allowed them to perfect their craft and become the great musicians.

3. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs stresses the importance of prioritizing. Examine your work and personal life. Find out what is most important to you and prioritize your life based on your answers. Make time for yourself, your friends and family while still working to achieve your goals. Just do so in a way that the things in your life with the highest priorities stay high priorities.

4. Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou strictly kept her work and personal life separately. This enabled her to work in a completely focused environment free from distractions. She went so far as to rent a small apartment where she would go to write each day from morning until early afternoon. Maintaining this strict lifestyle is what led her to achieving her goals and later receiving a Tony Award, a Pulitzer Prize, three Grammys and several other highly honorable awards. So stay diligent and try to do the things that are most important for your overall goals.

5. Randi Zuckerburg

The sister of Facebook’s founder implements one simple rule in her daily life: Forget FOMO and embrace JOMO. What exactly does this mean? Well, Randi says it is best to forget about social media and competition for Fear Of Missing Out. Instead, you should find solace in taking time away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world and seek the Joys Of Missing Out. Randi understands that successful people are competitive by nature and it is important to remove the social media fueled stress factors from your life. Practice an aptitude for being grateful and this will be the key to a happier weekend.

6. Warren Buffet

This successful investor knows the value of taking time to indulge in your hobbies. Not only are you taking a break from your work life or your personal life, you are doing something that is specifically for you. Getting into a hobby allows you to relax, unwind, and reset your mind. Hobbies also help to drive creativity and help your overall happiness. So whatever your hobby may be, whether it’s like Warren Buffet and you play an instrument, or you like to sew, go camping, or reading, make sure you take time for you.

7. Anna Wintour

The Editor in Chief of Vogue realizes how important it is to stay fit and active. This is essential for living a healthy lifestyle as well as reducing stress. Anna Wintour plays tennis for one hour each day. Take the time in your day to find a physically demanding activity that you enjoy. Successful people know that an active body leads to an active mind and you should strive to exercise every day, even on the weekends. This will create great lifestyle habits and keep your body in great shape. When you have an active body and an active mind, you will be ready to meet your goals and become successful.


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