6 Top Tips for Winning over New Clients and Keeping them

6 Top Tips for Winning over New Clients and Keeping them

Posted 2016-12-25 by Bobfollow
As an entrepreneur, you are without doubt keenly aware that the size of your customer base determines whether your business will be in existence a few days for now. If you want to fulfill the vision of your company, having a steady stream of customers is your only way out. This process involves both winning new customers and retaining them. There are several ways out there on how to win new customers and build loyalty. I have combined several of them to produce only six strategies that guarantee great results.

Position Yourself as the Answer

People are looking for solutions. You need t o give your potential clients good reasons to try your products. You can do this by sharing your content via guest blogging, webinars, and blog posts as well as physically networking with people out there. This is your first step to making them your loyal clients. From all these activities you will start to attract a following and be able to convert those leads into paying customers if you have a structured sales funnel setup.

Create Enlightening Experiences

Do not stop at selling stuff. A successful business is about selling experiences as well. You can achieve this by focusing on making both your clients and prospects to feel good by not charging for every add-on. Other than free offerings, you can host a special [Link http://www.theaec.net/ConcertsEvents/Corporate/HospitalityOptions.aspx corporate dinner] that will ensure all your visitors will walk away with a memorable experience, one that will help in building customer loyalty.

Prioritize Customer Retention

Most entrepreneurs think that this is pretty obvious. Unfortunately, many small and medium businesses have closed shop this year due to their failure to put customer retention at the top of their list. [Link http://blog.clientheartbeat.com/customer-retention-strategies/ Research] shows that business owners who spend as much time retaining customers as they acquire new customers have greater opportunities for achieving their business goals.

Gather and Make Use of Customer Feedback

Having an effective system for gathering customer feedback is the best way to know what your customers want. If you are keen on building customer loyalty, you must resolve their complaints in a professional manner. By doing this, you earn many opportunities to solve their problems and regain customer trust in the process. In solving customer complaints in the best way, you also engage your customers at an emotional level and give them an exceptional experience with you.

Say Thank You

While your customers will not tell you they need to be appreciated, you need to thank them often so as to be able to build a long-term business relationship with them. Always get personal. Write personalized letters and tell them you value their businesses and seek to know how business has been for them. For example, you can ask, “do you see you are going to hit your targets this year?” If you want to ask the best questions, the secret is to develop a genuine interest in their business and life.

Lead from the Front

Make it possible for your customers to deal with you most of the time. The truth is that everyone feels good when they deal with the business owner. There is something unique with dealing with the overall authority.

The Bottom Line

While you have to adopt an aggressive marketing strategy to win new clients, never take customer loyalty for granted. A successful loyalty and retention program will not only bring customers through the door but also keep them coming back for more. As the face of your business, make it your priority and not anyone’s to engage with your potential customers and the current customers and increase the chances of your success.


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