6 Questions for Self Actualization

6 Questions for Self Actualization

Posted 2014-08-02 by Bob Dempseyfollow
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It’s important to follow your dreams in life. To pursue the aspirations burning in your heart. This passion to live life to the fullest comes easy for some. Life is framed as an ongoing adventure to find purpose and provide meaning.

The focus to discover a calling seems to elude some of us though. We see many that merely coast in neutral. A passenger in their own lives. Fear, doubt and uncertainty give way to settling, procrastination, analysis paralysis, risk aversion or deflections like “sucking it up.”

The truth is that you have a choice to remain average or not. It is rare that you will find a situation in which stagnation is your only available option. Small changes prime you to create an environment for growth. Addressing bad habits and prioritizing your life can provide clarity in regard to what’s important.

Going into denial guarantees that progress stops. Confronting the root cause to determine what’s blocking your progress is paramount when appraising self image.

In an effort to increase self awareness and raise consciousness; I have the following questions:

Is fear hijacking your decision making?

Don’t submit to fear. Fear of uncertainty, commitment or failure can be a prime mover underpinning your perceptions, energy management and uses of attention. Fear increases as you undertake tasks that matter to you. Fear doesn’t hassle you when you’re solely trying to survive in your comfort zone.

When are you going to take yourself seriously?

Finding meaning in your life isn’t only for a select few. We all have passions, dreams, hopes and desires. Sure some of life is determined, but you have choices regarding your attitude, discipline, intention, and behavior. You are responsible for finding fulfillment in life.

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Avoid opinions from people that have a vested interest in you remaining the same. You may be surprised who falls into this category. Enlightened people recognize that striving for all possibilities is healthy. That learning about the world and yourself never concludes. There is a time to share goals and to invite others along for the ride, but those eager to minimize your ambitions for higher purpose to “just another phase” earn the privilege of being consulted last.

How did you get where you are?

Are your circumstances by choice or by default? Are you acting for yourself or others? Are you in a career chosen right out of high school? Are there changes necessary in your career, living situation or personal life needing to be addressed to help you self actualize?

What would you rather be doing?

Tomorrow will never come. Your future is created today. What are your must haves? Are you putting yourself in a position to do creative work; to use your talents and strengths? Are you actively attempting to improve every day?

What have you done to move forward?

Accomplishments come with challenges, setbacks and adversity. Emphasis on the importance of your goals and uncertainty regarding change create pressure over time. In order for action to begin, contemplation in some sense, must end. Ideas precede movement, but dreaming all day or working on an endless to do list won’t make anything happen.

You’ll never truly nullify cravings to be more than ordinary. It’s never too late to start. In today’s digital age it has never been easier to be a part of the conversation and to share your ideas. Give yourself a chance. Life may pass you by if you resist change and avoid hard decisions. You will remain stuck, bored or unfulfilled. Don’t go through life not doing what you were made to do. Both the wide easy path of being average and the narrow path of your dreams start at the same place.


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