5 Ways To Find Ideas For Writing Self Avenue Articles

5 Ways To Find Ideas For Writing Self Avenue Articles

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Perhaps you like the idea of writing articles for Self Avenue but just can't think what to write about. There are many topics which fit into Self Avenue's guideline of articles to enrich one's life or that of others, taking care of ourselves and providing information or ideas that may help other readers. Here are five suggestions for finding ideas to write about.

1. Check the Self Avenue categories
There are many categories listed for Self Avenue.
Some are general such as
  • life
  • life skills
  • personal growth
  • life lessons
  • relationships
  • values.
  • There are many things that would fit under these headings. A bit of brainstorming should help you come up with a number of ideas for articles.

    More specific categories include
  • patience
  • breaking habits
  • counselling
  • detox
  • consumerism
  • being yourself
  • A look at the categories already in existence should spark an idea.

    2. Look at the daily newspaper
    I find reading the paper tends to be depressing with all the stories of tragedy, crime, natural disaster, murder and the like as I wrote in I want to read the good news However there are often also small articles, usually towards the middle of the paper, which include something I find of general interest without the doom and gloom factor. It may be a new-to-me acronym such as NETTEL or a word I haven't heard before. An article may make me look at something in a new way. Sometimes these stories give me inspiration for a Self Avenue article.

    Is there something in the newspaper to inspire an article Courtesy of Pixabay

    3.Write about an observation from your own life
    What have you been thinking about lately? Has something happened in your life that would fit with the Self Avenue theme which you have thoughts about?

    4. Seasons or time of the year
    Do you have some ways to keep warm in winter or reduce stress? Perhaps you have thought of some ideas for decorating your house during the Christmas period using things you already own. These ideas would help other readers.

    Do you have ideas of how to decorate your home at Christmas Courtesy of Pixabay

    5. Give a different view from the commonly held one
    Perhaps you don't agree with an idea that most people hold. What is the reason behind this? It can be interesting to hear the other side of the story. Your article could be serious or tongue in cheek.

    For example most people like the thought of relaxing. However, there are people who are actually afraid of relaxing. Are you one of these people or do you know someone who is?

    You may have a different strategy for dealing with a problem many people face. Others could benefit from reading your innovative way of dealing with clutter or handling low esteem.

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