5 Ways to Customize your Happiness

5 Ways to Customize your Happiness

Posted 2017-03-22 by boisefollow

Happiness is subjective. The fresh flowers that make one person’s day trigger allergies in the next person, the book that relaxes one person bores another, and the rustic themed living room that comforts one person makes the other feel cluttered. Instead of following the trends of happiness, consider customizing it. Vacation on your own terms, decorate how you want to, organize for your own practicality, do some winter cleaning instead of spring cleaning, and make memories that create happiness for you.

Design your own vacation

A vacation is a great way to charge your happiness meter when things become overwhelming, but certain vacations aren’t perfect for everyone. And for some, vacationing in general does not elicit the happiness response that it does in others. Instead of feeling pressured to vacation in popular tourist areas, design your own vacation, or don’t vacation at all. Plan an RV trip across a few states, plan a staycation with Netflix, or just stay in a bed and breakfast in the next town over. Not everyone’s happiness is beaches, Vegas, or Disneyland; in fact, some of those destinations cause more anxiety in some than happiness. So customize your vacation for you.

Decorate your home originally

Our surroundings can have a profound effect on our happiness, but what that looks like is different for everyone. Instead of decorating, cleaning, or organizing based on how others do, or following trends, decorate your area in a way that is unique to your style and happiness. Think outside the box and create the perfect home for you. You don’t need a television, you can sit on pillows instead of chairs, you can customize your wallpaper from a picture you took , or you can turn your living room into a craft area. Use crystals, old photographs, plants, tapestries, or drawings to decorate your home if it makes you happy. The idea is to customize your happiness by thinking outside of the box.

Take organization to a creative level

When it comes to organizing your home, it’s true that there’s a certain level of peace that many people feel in a clean and organized home. However, some don’t really vibe with filing cabinets, shelving units, color coding, or complete order. Instead, organize creatively in a way that you prefer. For some people, their organization looks like disarray to others - but that doesn’t matter as long as you feel the happiness that comes with organization that works for you. Instead of a coat rack, refurbish an old school locker and use it for coats or storage. Hang your coffee cups on hooks in the kitchen instead of using a shelf so they double as kitchen decor. Use wooden crates to store notebooks or books, mason jars for bathroom necessities, or an over-the-door shoe organizer for cleaning supplies. Organization is usually necessary, but it doesn’t mean you have to stick to file folders or alphabetizing.

Home upkeep according to the seasons

Cleanliness is important for happiness, and spring cleaning is a popular activity come April and May for rejuvenation. People are having garage sales, donating unused items, and deep cleaning areas that have not been cleaned since the spring before. However, you can customize your home’s upkeep however you’d like, and it doesn’t have to coincide with spring. Any indoor work you’d like to do can be done any time of year, so if you choose, you can make the new year a time to do away with unused belongings instead of waiting for spring. Take any home maintenance tips for spring cleaning and apply them to other times of year that fit. Maybe you clean out unused belongings in winter, do all outdoor upkeep in the fall, do indoor renovations in winter, and prepare your garden in the spring. Your home upkeep schedule is in your hands, not the hands of the seasons, and if you are happier leaving spring cleaning to fall, you are allowed to do that.

Creating unique memories

For many, they are happiest when creating memories with loved ones. Customize your happiness by choosing activities that mean happiness for you. Write poetry together, create art, tell each other stories, or spend time outside. You are not limited by anything when you spend time with someone, so plan quality time based on what you and your loved one like to do. You can spend a lazy night in instead of a crazy night out with your friends. Take your mom to a museum or to a concert. Go bungee jumping, go on a night cruise in your car, go volunteer at an animal shelter, or go thrift shopping. Take what you usually do to spend time with family and plan something completely opposite to create unique memories for you and your loved ones.

Thinking outside of the box is sometimes a skill that needs to be practiced. We naturally go to the most common or popular answer without thinking about it, but the most popular outcome is not always the best for everyone. Analyze what you’re missing, and work to customize your life for optimum happiness. Whether that means planning a staycation, decorating with christmas lights, organizing with flower pots, spring cleaning in the fall, or making memories with an outdoor journal, you’ll be creating your own happiness based on you and not everyone else. Don’t be afraid to be a little different.


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