5 Tips on Buying The Right Pram

5 Tips on Buying The Right Pram

Posted 2014-05-20 by Artfollow
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So you're expecting or looking to upgrade your existing stroller. While the daunting task of buying your baby's checklist is difficult as such, you are wondering how to buy certain baby things which you haven't bought before.

I have learnt these, and probably there are many more to look so feel free to add it in the comments.

Reverse Handle :

Reverse handle on the pram is multi-purposed. They are helpful because you could choose to either see the baby while you are trying to put them to sleep, or make them face forward in a mall or a park.


Every pram comes with a guideline on the baby's weight. Usually having a pram that weighs upto 25 kgs or so will help you have the pram for longer, and hence eliminate the need to upgrade.

Also it would be good to have a check on the weight you could carry below the seat. This would be handy when you are trying to carry some extra weight like groceries or milk apart from baby's stuff.

Sturdiness of wheels :

Probably important when you are going to be using the pram a lot on different surfaces like smooth and rough. Also the strength of the wheels and a good suspension makes the ride better when going through bumps or in grass.

Extra fittings :

Investing in a pram where you could add some extra fitting later on would be useful. What I mean by extra fittings are things like a cup holder; an extra bag, and a pouch where you could keep your mobile phone and wallets etc.

Magnet :

There is usually a Velcro on the roof of the pram that opens up and you could see your baby. Apparently it is told that instead of the Velcro, going for the option of having a magnetised window would minimise the sound of opening a Velcro, hence giving your baby a good sleep.


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