5 Things To Try If You Are Feeling Bleah

5 Things To Try If You Are Feeling Bleah

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Sometimes you just feel bleah. You may decide to ride it out, after all no one is happy, full of energy and enthusiasm all the time. This is fine if it's a short lived experience and you know from the past you will soon be feeling better. But what can you do if you want to do something about that bleah feeling?

Everyone is different so you need to try something that fits with your personality and is likely to work for you. Sometimes a little change, a small treat or making a decision is enough to change your outlook.

Things to try to fix that bleah feeling
1. Break your routine
I tend to stick to my routine, especially in the morning. This usually works for me and means I don't forget important things. However, sometimes I find if I break my routine it puts me in a better frame of mind. Read more here

You may choose to shop at a different supermarket or get your fruit and vegies at a proper market. This could be a large under cover market, how I love the variety available at the Adelaide Central Market, or a farmers' market.

Could you take a different route to work or choose a different form of transport? Perhaps this will give you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful things you don't normally see. It depends where you live and what is available whether this idea is practical or not.

Perhaps you will see beautiful things you dont usually get to see ImageMarie Vonow

2. Declutter a drawer or your wardrobe
Maybe you have already parted with everything you don't wear and all that stuff you didn't love. Then this idea won't suit you.

However, if you are feeling frustrated because you can't find the clothes you want among a collection of items that don't inspire you, could be time for a clean out. Donating clean items in good condition to friends, family or charity will probably make you feel happier and it will be nice to have things organised at last.

Alternatively, you could sort through a shelf or two somewhere else in the house. Getting rid of clutter often improves a person's mood.

3. Enjoy time outdoors
I read somewhere the average time spent outdoors each day is 17 minutes. Some people spend more time in the fresh air than that, others less. Perhaps you would benefit from time outside. You might choose to eat a meal outdoors, play with your pet, do some gardening or go for a walk. Just sitting and really taking notice of your surroundings could be beneficial on a pleasant day.

I love watching butterflies in the garden

4. Make a decision
Are you feeling bleah because you have been putting off making a decision that is important to you? Write down what you need to make a decision about. Don't worry about your spelling or grammar, this is just for your eyes, unless it happens you want to show someone else to get their input.

Now brainstorm possible things you could do. Even write down solutions that may seem silly or impractical. Sometimes people come up with their best ideas when they think outside the box.

You may want to write down the pros and cons for some of your solutions. Even if you don't come to a decision after doing this, you should be closer to working out what to do. Perhaps go and have a lie down or a nap in order to relax. When you are in a relaxed state the best course of action may come to you.

5. Cross something off your 'to do' list
Make that phone call you have been avoiding or tackle a task you dislike. This may sound crazy because you already feel bleah. How can doing something you don't want to do make you feel better? Hopefully, the relief of doing something that has been hanging over your head will improve your mood.

After doing whatever, choose something you want to do as a reward. You will know what you enjoy.

Sometimes a bleah feeling goes on for a long time. Perhaps activities that used to bring you pleasure don't interest you any more. Maybe you don't want to spend time with the people you once enjoyed time with. A chat to your doctor may help sort out any physical or mental health issues. If you don't feel up to seeing your doctor alone, talk about the situation with someone you trust and get their support.


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