5 Things Not to Say to a Woman

5 Things Not to Say to a Woman

Posted 2014-05-09 by Artfollow
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Women are not so complicated. The hype that they are has been more popular than the actual truth. In reality, they are simple and would want simple things in life .When someone cannot understand, it becomes complicated.

While I have had friends tell me women are way too complex, they also agree it is very easy to make them happy. But there are certain things you would definitely not be appreciated for. Well you don't want to rub the tigress on the wrong side.

"Your family is crazy": She is a lioness when it comes to family. She has all the rights to whine and complain about her family because she knows how much she loves them. Even if she does say something it is only due to a temporary frustration. So stay clear of saying something about her family. She can and you cannot. It is as simple as that.

"Why do you have so many Shoes : " Women need shoes for various occasions because there are variety of dress options for them. It is not their fault that men don't have these many choices with apparels. Obviously they cannot wear a high heel footwear with track pants and a formal shoe with an evening dress. It's not like their only choice is a suit or shorts or jeans. The same applies for clothes too. When there are choices and options and sale , it just makes sense to try them on .She can decide to wear or just keep them for a lovely memory. Men can keep the garage with all their tool and tool kits and women can keep their shoes and closet. As simple as that.

"Calling Sara as Nicole" : This isn't rubbing the tigress on the wrong side but locking yourself up in the cage of a hungry tigress. If you want to go out with her and share a life with her, at the least get her name right. This is as important as remembering a birthday or an occasion. Simple.

"Last time when you did this : "Uh oh...bringing up the past is definetly not appreciated. The past is called so for a reason and to leave it right there is the best .Simple as that.

"I will do it later" ": This is like telling your football coach that you would hit a goal later. It simply annoys them when they ask you to do something. Get it done with at that time so a huge round of exchanges can be avoided. Simple.

As simple as they are, its only when the opposites are done and said it seems complicated.

Women love being simple and that's exactly why they are perceived to be complicated.


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