5 Self Questions That Aid Decision Making

5 Self Questions That Aid Decision Making

Posted 2014-05-06 by Artfollow
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Every time life presented me with a challenge, with some critical decision making; I wondered, spoke to friends and learnt to ask myself some very important questions. While this list will surely grow, for now, I keep it as a framework; a guide to ask myself and when I am able to answer them truthfully, and most importantly articulate the justifications for my answers; the mist slowly and steadily clears away.

Will I be happy and at peace with myself after I have taken this decision :

The most important facet or requisite for making a decision. Being happy is timely, but being at peace with yourself is a long term goal. As long as you can see yourself more at peace than just being happy, you are one step closer.

Will this decision make me a better person:

A very difficult question for me to answer, but surprisingly I have had times when I have felt otherwise. Clearly I have been able to only do something which I felt would make me as a better person.

Is my decision causing irreversible damage or pain to someone?? :

A simple decision could cause cascading actions that changes someones life for the better, or for the worse. Being aware of this makes a difference.

Am I being biased in my decisions :

This is tricky. Not being able to make a decision in itself is a variable, and being biased is totally not going to help you. The more straight forward you are, the better the decision is going to be for you.

Will I regret this decision for any reason :

You will need to spend some time asking yourself this question, and definitely being able to answer it...again truthfully.

Making up a list of such questions, and certainly answering some questions will provoke your thoughts and steer your decision making process in the right direction.

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