5 Actions To Not Take When Angry

5 Actions To Not Take When Angry

Posted 2014-05-01 by Artfollow
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Anger...Aahh...the foe in me that I always wanted to get rid of. After some wondering I realised, getting angry is a natural part of me, and trying to completely get away with it would be simply unrealistic. People always ask you to control anger as if it is as easy as taking a walk. Well everyone's intentions are good, and no one wants to be the devil's Prada; but it so happens that anger says hi to you and you reply in style.

So one day, while having a good coffee and watching the green lawn in a park, I thought to myself : Getting angry is ok, but there are things I should steer clear of. So here is my not to do in times of anger bucket list...

Throw Things:

Rethink my friend. While an immediate way of expressing your frustration is throwing things, it sometimes gets too expensive. For instance, mostly it's our mobile phones we throw. In a fit of anger we fling it away like a golf sportsman. And when you cool down and pick it up, you see a broken screen, a chipped corner, or a smashed phone, or probably even a hole in your wall. Then you go through the process of repairing the damage, and in the meantime suffer without your third arm. Though the plan is not to ever get angry; while you decide to throw something, pick something that isn't expensive to repair, and/or something you could live without.

Bring up the past:

While in any relationship, we try to make a point and argue our case with all facts and incidents. Giving you the benefit of the doubt might be correct, but having to bring up something that has happened in the past is only going to make the situation more unfriendly. Try and leave the past behind, so you can strongly focus only on the task at hand, and sort out the current issue.

Leave home without you phone and/or money:

When in an argument, people usually leave the place like a jet just to express their anger and disappointment all at once. Leaving the other person to scream to themselves is probably better than having to argue, but don't forget to pick your phone and some cash when you storm out. You never know what kind of emergency you might get into out of home, and the last thing you want is to see yourself in the middle of the road with no money and no means of communication.

Call someone to sort things:

If you have just begun your journey of anger caused by someone, the best to do is wait for you to cool down or relax before you try to sort things out with someone. Because when you are angry, your emotional quotient is too high for patience or logic, and your brain has too many negative hormones to listen to you. You would be better off sorting things out later when you are in a better state of mind.

Phone calls:

So, you're upset and angry and not in a great mood. It's probably a good idea to screen calls if you could, and not pick them up unless you are confident you can be normal. Let's say for example a friend calls you to invite you out for dinner. Most probably you would say no, and you would want to be alone in your irritated state. If only you return their call later when you cool down, you would most likely accept the invitation and go for the dinner and land up having a great evening.

You could make your own peace list and reiterate your costly education you've had by being angry. And this would help you gain with getting angry, and eliminate the loss associated with it.

Who knows, maybe you too can be anger free someday. After all, nothing wrong in dreaming big.


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