3 Key Principles To A Lasting Marriage

3 Key Principles To A Lasting Marriage

Posted 2014-06-10 by Shen Deefollow
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Marriage is a lifetime commitment and there are some basic principles behind a lasting marriage. If you can understand and apply the following 3 key principles, then you and your partner are on your way to achieve a lasting marriage.

1) Compromise
There will be times when we disagree on certain things, which is why it is important that we learn how to compromise with each other. It always pays to be the one who gives in first. Reason being you will feel much calmer after doing so and soon you will realise that whatever argument you had is not such a big deal after all. Don’t make decisions on temporary feelings. No matter how major argument or fight you and your partner have gotten into, it should not surpass your love for each other.

2) Accept
Accept your partner as who they are. That was what made you fall in love with them in the first place. It takes a while to get to know a person deeper. Enjoy the journey of discovering your partner’s likes and dislikes. This is what makes a relationship interesting. Don’t spoil the excitement by trying to change your partner to whom you want them to be. I believe that marriage is about learning the good from each other and one’s strength is to complement the other’s weakness.

3) Respect
Respect your partner’s opinion and decision. Whenever your partner passes a remark or comment, listen sincerely and nod with respect. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Your partner might say or do things which are against your liking, and that is where you learn how to compromise and accept. Just like you want your opinion to be heard and respected, the same goes for your partner. Treat your partner just like how you want to be treated.

I am sure you and your partner have come a long way to be together and hence, the both of you should try to appreciate each other by focusing on what truly matters to your marriage rather than picking on the little things that don’t matter.

So remember, the 3 key principles to a lasting marriage is Compromise, Accept and Respect.


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