10 Ways To Boost Your Motivation

10 Ways To Boost Your Motivation

Posted 2020-01-28 by Marie Vonowfollow
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Sometimes it is difficult to feel motivated. Tiredness, negativity, lack of direction, feeling no one is supporting you, ill health and unhealthy habits are just some of the things that can have an effect on your level of motivation.

Ten ways to boost your motivation
1. Look after your physical and mental health, ensuring you eat well, exercise, take time to rest and have fun so you don’t suffer burn out.
2. Keep in mind why you are doing 'it'. The reason might be to learn something, improve your health, provide for your family, get a qualification, get a different job or make money.
3. Set yourself realistic goals or even just one goal. Keep goals achievable so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
4. Keep your focus on those goals. Don't add more goals as this can make you feel overwhelmed.

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5. Keep a personal, for your eyes only, brag book. This is to inspire you not as something you can show off to other people. Fill it with anything to remind you of past successes, praise and thanks from others.
6. Reward yourself for achieving each step. Choose a reward that works for you. It may be something small but make sure it’s something you enjoy.
7. Try to improve your own performance, rather than competing against others.
8. Keep a record of your personal achievements.
9. Play music while working on your project. Sometimes upbeat music really helps to keep you going. At other times you may need relaxing music to help you stay calm.
10. Talk to others who have had or currently have similar goals. Share resources and ideas of what works.

It is much easier to achieve things when one feels motivated. For more on the topic check out Staying Motivated


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