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You Are Your Great Grandparents Memories

by Lu Lu Belle (follow)
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When I was eighteen I heard Edith Piaf for the first time. Despite being so young and living in the year 2000 I immediately connected with the sounds of this 1940's singer.

My mum heard me playing Piaf and was very surprised. She then explained that this was my grandmother's favourite singer. The grandmother I had never met, and my mum knew very little about, as she had passed away when my mum was four around 1959, twenty-three years before I was born.

This could explain why still to this day I absolutely adore listening to the French singer from another time.

You see, our ancestors have been writing our DNA for hundreds and thousands of years. DNA, the code of genetic instructions that directs us to be who we are. And we are writing on the DNA which will be passed on to our children and further generations with all of our experiences. From what we do, see, learn, believe, fear, love, hate, desire right down to what we eat or consume.

Genetic memory. I find it fascinating. Research has shown that we could suffer from phobias now due to an association to trauma our great great grandfather may have experienced. His cells changed in accordance to his beliefs, and he then passed this forward to his children, and they to theirs, so on and so forth.

This could very well be the proof that reincarnation does exist, as our ancestors live on through us in this way, just as we will through our successors.

It does make you wonder, though. How much of ourselves were already determined due to someone elses experiences? And how can we change what may not have been a helpful genetic handover?

I would like to believe that in knowing this we can now understand that how we think and what we do does truly change us on a cellular level, and how important it is to aim for good health for both the mind and the body. Not just for ourselves, but for future generations.

It'd probably also do us well to look at our ancestry and find out more about the people we came from. Discovering their habits, and whether they were happy, or how they lived may tell us a lot about ourselves.

#Genetic Memory
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