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You Are In A Moment. Live In It.

by Loretta (follow)
Writing is how I express the world within me. For more of my writing please visit misslorettawrites.blogspot.com.au/
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Itís such a rush isnít it? Your body and mind caught in the midst of a whirlpool. Voices around you are blurry; your limbs are heavy like tree trunks, and itís a draining struggle to move forward and out...over and up...up into the light; the air, and the freedom. It's often like that at this time of year. Not only is Christmas, and the entire holiday sensation right at your fingertips; or already in the warm clutch of your hands; but it is just the thought of there being less than a month until this year closes that brings the inevitable rush into your world.

Itís never the end.

The end of anything brings a sense of hurry and disorder. Itís as if time has been wound up and released like a cute childís toy. Itís like we have to accomplish all these goals before timeís up, like we have to finish projects and catch up with people - otherwise disaster will fall into our lives.

Although what really happens when the end comes? What happens when midnight ticks over on the 31st December? What happens when your good friendís birthday has passed? When summer is over? When the deadline has suddenly crumbled before your very eyes, as feeble as styrofoam?

Nothing. Thatís right, nothing happens.There is no pain, death sentence, or falling earth into your backyard is there? Because itís never the end. Look up and youíll see the sky still up there in all its glory. Iíve travelled through years, deadlines and birthdays. On this, Iíve got all my ten fingers and toes, and a smile as wide as the sea.

Donít set any New Yearís resolutions.

Donít write down your goals for 2014. Do neither of these things; not just yet anyway. Instead, wake up tomorrow morning and just do it. Do whatever sparks your creative fire: A laugh. That feeling of bliss. Write a little if thatís your muse. Start a new novel or short story. Try that new recipe. Create a vibrant, whacky lunch. Go for a walk around the block. Do something new tomorrow. I have realised for myself that there is no gain in waiting for the perfect time; for the first day of a new year. I mean, all time is relative right? Whatís so different about starting next year what you can start tomorrow? Youíll get a head start and many more fulfilled days.

Let the rush leave you.

Gaining back control in the middle of the rush; grounding yourself and fine tuning your awareness is so important if the last thing you seek is that inevitable thud to the floor. When fatigue catches up with you and pins you to the floor with no restraint. There is one thing to do to stop the rush in its tracks. And thereís the word Ė stop.

Pull out the red, the brakes and just stop.

Let the rush leave you

Gradually that whirlpool around you will cease, turning slower and slower and slower. All the noises and voices around you will sharpen and clear up, as if your ears have just popped. Your limbs will lighten, shrinking from tree trunks to feathers. The light; the way out will appear right at your feet, and oh it will be a relief. Now you can breathe in that glorious light. Listen to all the voices around you, talking to you, and choosing you to tell their little story to. Listen with all your heart. Laugh at the stories. Smile. Cry at whatever you feel infusing inside you. Look in the distance...can you see it? Thereís that little whirlpool spinning away...all the darkness; the rush and the heaviness.

Where you are now there is no time. You are in a moment. Live in it.

Life is not made up of time. Life is made up of moments where time is but clouds drifting overhead in the sky, where time is the hand stitched border of a quilt, and the kookaburraís laugh in the distance. Time is rain, sun and night. You are Love, and Love always prevails. Love will not disappear. It can only grow stronger, brighter and move forward and give. In the midst of rush, there is always Love to hold on to; to ground you and to help you be still. Love is within you. Love is free.

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