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You are Amazing!

by xTinx (follow)
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pinky swear between close friends
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I hope I can help a friend who thinks he's not living up to social expectations. To everyone else at odds with the real world, this one's for you too...

There comes a time in every person's life when he or she realizes... there is a lot of STEPPING UP to do!

As we go through the rigorous motions of living, experiencing the process of today, yesterday and tomorrow, we see our friends turning into this and that or doing this and that or going here and there. We accidentally hear of or purposefully track their progress. And then we try to take a step back, look at ourselves and then start to compare their progress with ours. That's dangerous, if you ask me.

Before I say any further, you better heed my advice first because you're really going to benefit from it during your days of depression: Close that social network!

It's good to socialize. I'm well aware of what company can do to a suicidal and existentially challenged individual. However, when you're in this situation, it's always best to choose your company and stay away from all things superficial and vain. Do not force yourself to socialize. You're also not obliged to air out your depression in a way so vulgar and so negative and where everyone could see it (like it's a picture frame or something). Social media can be a little too overwhelming when tainted with unbridled emotions.

Depression entitles you to spend time with yourself and search the depths of your battered soul. Only you can go through the areas of your soul where the rest of us, who are outside of your being, can't. Be with people who can understand you no matter how dark or unreasonably self-destructive you become. Their company matters more. Their company keeps you sane.

Seriously. It's so uncool to appeal for sympathy from a partly corrupted technology. It's not that I'm opposed to using technology. By itself, technology is neutral, non-harmful and plainly a means to an end. How people use technology these days is what disappoints me. Human creation has slowly destroyed its own creators (technology after all is a product of man's "innovative" spirit).

Don't be enslaved. You're better than that.

Discretion, says Shakespeare, is always the better part of valor. In cyberspace, as much as in real life, there are people callous enough to poke fun at the sufferings of others. To avoid this predicament, don't give others the pleasure of seeing you miserable. If you can understand what I'm saying, then I'm sure you can find ways to alleviate your pain. Be discreet. You never know who wants to pull you down when your back is turned.

The thing is, we human beings can never have the same pace. You can never live the life that others have. You can only live yours. A sure way to ruin your life is to keep watching how other lives proceed. There's no need to bother. We have different destinations anyway. What's there to compare? They are their own persons. You are who you are. You are a unique creature and no one on earth is quite like you. You'll be where you want to be sooner or later. You have to trust that or no else will.

You are amazing, my friend! You just have to know that!

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