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Why Dark is Not Beautiful?

by amila (follow)
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dark skin

"None of us is responsible for the complexion of his skin. This fact of nature offers no clue to the character or quality of the person underneath." -
Marian Anderson

For years, people with dark skin have been considered as unattractive. The entertainment industry is a good example of this, where people with lighter skin are shown as an ideal representation of beauty.

Generally, anything dark is considered bad. A dark and stormy night usually represents a bad omen.

I learned at a young age that hatred comes in many shades; even some that resemble your own. Growing up, I have sadly become used to comments like, “Wow, you've become darker” or “Don’t stay outdoors for too long.”

Having a lighter skin tone results in a lot of benefits. According to research, skin-colour hierarchies are prevalent in schools with teachers favouring light skinned students more. Dating and marriage is another issue for dark skinned women, as their lighter skinned counterparts are more likely to get married to spouses with higher levels of education or occupational prestige.

As a result, light-skinned women continue to earn well above their darker skinned colleagues; complete more years of schooling; marry people with a higher social status, and live in better neighbourhoods.

It hurts to know that skin colour continues to have the ability to play such a powerful role in shaping our lives. To know that there are hundreds of little girls and women who don't feel beautiful because of the colour of their skin, and that skin-bleaching products make up a billion-dollar industry.

In African Countries before the end of colonial rule, a colour caste system prevailed. Coloured people had more rights that blacks because of a lack of mix breeding. In India a colour caste system exists giving lighter people more rights. Among Hispanics in media, it is rare to find a dark face.

The sad truth is that Racism is a global issue, and we must all work together to get rid of it so we may live peacefully.

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I am not in agreement with your thought process that dark skin is not beautiful. It may not be considered beautiful by some people, just the same as light complexion may not be considered beautiful by others, and yet others might consider neither to be beautiful but prefer olive tones.
If you look at Hollywood, you will see a range of complexion colours, from the whitest of whites like Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman to medium complexions such as Angeline Jolie to dark complexion, e.g. Halle Berry and so many more.
The caste system that you refer to will continue to exist, but there is more to it than just the colour of the skin.

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