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Where's the Milk?

by Mina Keenan (follow)
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milk,glass,glass milk

This happened in a time of shame.

When I was a teen (15 or 16 years), had a friend who was raped. She decided on adoption and moved back to her hometown. We wrote to each other.

Sometime later she rang and said she was back in the city, had got a flat to rent, and had been unable to leave the baby. Told her I'd help.

One day she asked me to babysit. Living at home, got on the bus, picked up the baby.

Mum: You bring a cat home?
Mum: Where's the milk going?
Just thirsty.
Mum: You don't like milk.

Followed her to my room. I thought she'd be sooo mad. She opened the door and fell in love.

Mum: Oh you can't have a baby lying on the bed like that.

Her and Dad got busy cutting down a cardboard box and made the coziest makeshift baby bed.

The story came out.

Mum: How did you think you could hide a baby ?
Didn't think.
Mum: Why would you think you had to hide a baby? This is a person. Should be out in lounge with us. She's wide awake.

The baby became a part of our lives. I'm her God-mum.

Points from this story

Still don't know why I 'hid' the baby.
Wanted to help, didn't really know how, did my best, learned as I went along.
Don't assume the reaction of others.
Tell the truth.

Image"cute little milk" by hobvias sudoneighm used under CC BY 2.0

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That 'poor girl' was ultra strong and had to do a lot for herself at a young age. Sorted me out a time or two. Good friends to each other. Had great folks. Often said they were proud of me, proud of them - my best mates. :)
Wow you were so mature and a great friend to that poor girl. Your parents must have been so proud of you.
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