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What is Your Precious

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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It will consume you. It will make you feel magnificent. But it will also take away your life. Image courtesy of Pawei Opaska at Dreamstime.com

Many of us are familiar with the phenomena of “Lord of the Rings”. A hobbit realises he is in the possession of a ring. Not just any ring. An extremely overpowering ring that controls him. He does not control it, he realises after some time. Then, he realises such is the power of the ring, he begins to find himself wanting to use it when life gets hard, when he wants to disappear, or he wants to feel strong. Gollum calls it “My Precious” and the obsession of the ring so consumes him, he wastes away and becomes a wraith of a being searching in utter desperation to regain the ring he once owned. He can’t forget about it.

It becomes apparent that the only way to deal with the addictive force of the ring is to dispose of. Such is the power and attraction of it. No-one who is in possession of the ring for long enough can hold onto their values for long. It inevitably turns them into corrupt beings, and they lose a sense of who they really are.

“My Precious” is really just another term for any force we have in our own lives which controls us. It needn’t be an outright addiction. It could be work. It could be money. It could be having a relationship that controls us. Or a perfectly tidy house.
We all have “precious things” in our life that either need to be let go of, or at least, managed to a very strident extent.

How can you tell if something is “my precious”? Does it control you? Or do you control it? If you didn’t have it, could your life go on? Do you sacrifice your values to keep it? Do you think about it obsessively, more than anything else?

Unfortunately, whatever “the precious” thing is, it is not naturally easy to get rid of. Just as heroin is addictive, for some people it could be work that they just can’t stop, or being in a certain relationship. They have to have it.

If it consumes your life to the extent that you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above and you have a deep down knowledge you are addicted, the first thing you need to do is to recognise where you’re at, and the control it has over your life.
There is a lot of literature about addiction, and it is too comprehensive to completely delve into here.

However, in simplistic terms, you needn’t completely throw away your precious into the cracks of doom. The general idea, is however, similar. You need to let go of the grasp it has on your life.
If you can relate to this feeling, and your addiction bothers you to the extent where it is affecting your functioning, you may want to seek further help.

I am not someone preaching, either. I have an addictive personality, and without going into details, I know the heartache “my precious” can bring. I also know it’s possible to let it go! And here’s the thing you won’t expect. Life gets amazingly better when you do!

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