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Ways to Prepare for Spring to Improve Mental Health

by boise (follow)
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With spring just around the corner, many are beginning to get antsy cooped up in the house due to cold temperatures. In anticipation of spring, itís common to feel lethargic and unmotivated with skies continuing to look grey and the coziness of winter wearing off. In order to improve mental health and get ready for a change in seasons, there are certain things you can do to jump start your enthusiasm by getting prepared for its arrival. Not only will this give you a head start in all things spring, itíll also get your mental health in a better place by staying busy and feeling accomplished.

Declutter your home declutter your mind

Decluttering your home is surprisingly cathartic for your mind and itís a great project to begin while youíre still stuck inside. Get a jump start by decluttering your home and itíll be easier to clean during spring cleaning time. Throw things in boxes that gather dust and havenít been used in the last year and donate them. Go room by room and spread out the process so you donít feel overwhelmed. Your garage is a great place to start, since it tends to get so much more use in spring if you keep yard working tools out there. By using garage organization hacks, your garage can stop being the catchall area of your home and start looking like your practical yard working space.

Prepare projects to encourage being outside

Being outside is great for mental health Ė the fresh air, the exercise, and the vitamin D are all beneficial. Even though the weather is still relatively cold, you can begin planning and preparing for yard projects in order to spend more time outside when spring finally comes. You can start drawing up plans for adding a water feature to your backyard, you can begin buying the materials youíll need for a raised garden bed while they are cheaper out of season, or you can begin to research the perfect fire pit or BBQ to entertain outside when spring comes. Even if you arenít outside now, itíll help to plan your outdoor adventures when you are able to spend time outdoors Ė and youíll be more likely to actually compete those plans.

Cleanliness for a healthy body and mind

The colder months are perfect for working on maintaining the inside of your home while the outside of your home is held hostage by winter. Granted, springtime is generally a popular time for cleaning and people tend to take this time to give their home a cleanliness overhaul. However, that cleanliness overhaul will be a lot more manageable if youíre maintaining your homeís cleanliness consistently through the year. Your bathroom is one of the places that really relies on constant care, so be sure to use your spring cleaning tips all year round in the bathroom for the most part. Make a schedule and deep clean different areas of your home every week or every month so you donít become too overwhelmed. It is amazing how much better youíll feel mentally and physically when youíre environment is always clean.

Keeping things organized

Prepare for spring by beginning to organize seasonal items that you wonít be needing for a while. Not planning another ski trip this season? Organize and store your ski gear. Christmas isnít for another ten months, organize and store your holiday items. Organize your winter gear in your mud room or storage room by using benches or tall cabinets. By using shelving, drawers, containers, and throwing away clutter, you can get ready for spring by storing items you wonít be needing. By organizing the things youíre cleaning and decluttering, your surroundings will be more calming and better for your mind. You may not be able to get outside and begin organizing your vegetables or your patio furniture, but you can organize your winter gear in order to leave more space for your spring belongings in anticipation for nicer weather.

It can do a number on your mental state dealing with fewer hours of sunlight and staying inside for the majority of the day. With spring just around the corner, many are chomping at the bit ready to get outside and refresh our body and minds. Unfortunately, there is still some time left as winter leaves us and spring joins in. In the meantime, you can prepare for spring by decluttering, preparing outdoor projects, keeping up with cleaning, and getting things organized. Before you know it spring will be here and you will be ready for it.

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