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Waiting For News....Keep Busy Instead

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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A calender with
Waiting for things to happen can seem to slow time right down..keep busy and before long in perfect timing, the future will reveal itself. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at freedigitalart.net

There are times in our lives where waiting for a particular piece of news, whether positive or negative, can be frustrating. People may like to have the knowledge that the waiting process eventually promises. Or we may wish to not to learn something, if it’s something we dread – in which case, 'no news is good news'- however, waiting is still inevitable, and can actually be painfully slow.

Have you noticed, however, that when you wait for something and wonder, time seems to slow right down!? Sometimes we stall what we would usually be doing, and keep looking at our watches, with a sense of discomfort we feel can only be allayed by knowing. Even when waiting for the bus, if we stick our heads up the road for it, we may feel we will never see it! However, how many times have you opened a book, and then presto! Before you know it, the bus has arrived.

Is this a problem? – Perhaps not, and it is an essentially human behaviour to anticipate a piece of news that is of relevance to us. It’s funny – we know that waiting and wondering won’t change the outcome. Yet sometimes we think we can speed up the process, or, change the nature of the news by the process of mental cogitation.

However, waiting for news, as we know logically and rationally is not changed by wanting to know, whether the news is negative or positive. We may have also had the experience that when we decide to ‘forget about it’ and carry on with tasks and everyday routines anyway, just when we have let go of our anticipation, news arrives. It’s like the saying “A watched pot really doesn’t boil!” Of course, waiting for something does not change how long it is until we have an answer – what is different is our perception of it. When we ‘stand still’ and watch the clock, rather than carry on doing something else, time will seem slower.

It also makes sense to carry on because those other tasks will still be there waiting. It can also be a positive way of coping when one fears bad news rather than dwelling on the fearful emotions that may be present themselves later. We are putting ourselves through extra turmoil trying to guess what will happen.

Sometimes we live our lives years and years into the future! This is great if you are to have ambitions, such as dreams you eventually plan to enjoy. However, what about the present? It’s the only place you can be, and the power is in this moment in the sense that what we do now creates our future anyway.

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