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Unrelenting High Standards

by Sarah Psihogios (follow)
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Your expectations are different to someone else's.

Everyone has an expectation of how specific things need to be done. There are the acceptable standards that provide happiness and fulfilled lives. Unfortunately, there are the standards that can be imbalanced and frequently disappoint people. Having an expectation that involves everything to be "perfect" of ones self and others surrounding them can do some serious damage. Disappointment isn't far along the line if someone doesn't do a task like the person critiquing. People could possibly feel hopeless, frustrated or tiresome that they can't make the person happy. Furthermore, they could possibly feel guilty being held responsible for that so called "failure."

The solution here isn't to lower your standards so that even the worst things or people can come and go. If standards are lowered to an extent where theres no boundaries or morals, then there's another problem. The solution is to let go of that steering wheel. Let someone else take a turn at driving that car.

Bottom line, the keys are learning to trust another person to do a good job, telling yourself "Yes, I am good enough," and thus allowing an extra pair of hands.

Putting hard work onto someone else's shoulders can be tricky but tell that person "I need your help, and I need these things done like this." Even if they don't do it exactly as instructed. Just remember they're not you. Praise them if the task is done to an acceptable standard. If it's not like anything imagined, bump them in the right direction. For example, "I like what you've done with ____, but I think this could use a little more ___". Everyone has a different perception to how each outcome of a job entails.

Self image is important. It's not how the public perceives the individual, it's how the individual perceives themselves. People tend to make snarky comments because it's a norm that every human has is to judge. If an individual doesn't like what they see in the mirror, then they should make changes to them. Get new clothes. Eat healthier. Lose weight. Get a new haircut. Dye their hair etc. Depends on the needs and wants of the person.

These tasks and learning abilities are tough, and change is hard to accomplish; but remember it's never impossible to enhance change to improve your well being.

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