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Tips To Make Gardening More Enjoyable

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Tips to make gardening more enjoyable
Adapted from Pixabay

Gardening is a great hobby. It has many health benefits and makes your home more attractive. Sometimes it is hard work or frustrating but there are ways of making it easier. There are also things you can do to add to the enjoyment of having a garden.

Easy weeding
Pour boiling water on weeds growing in cracks and along fences. After making a cup of coffee get into the habit of tipping leftover boiling water onto weeds. The weeds will turn dry and brown in a couple of days. You will be able to scuff weeds out of cracks with your shoe and then sweep them up. This saves kneeling down to pull or scrape them out of cracks.

Kettle and weeds in crack of path
Just pour boiling water on these little weeds Image by Marie Vonow

Avoid bee stings
If you want to pick some lavender and your bush is full of bees, wait until sunset when the bees have gone back to their hive. You can pick as much lavender as you want without the risk of being stung. The same idea can be applied to cutting back spent flowers on any shrub that attracts bees.

Bees are wonderful for the garden but a bee sting is not an enjoyable experience Image by Marie Vonow

Think before you plant
If you don't like the idea of getting prickles/thorns in your fingers or your pets getting a thorn in a paw, don't plant anything prickly or with thorns. Cacti have amazing flowers but they have prickles which can cause an infection if you get one in your skin. If you are intent on having cacti, always treat them with care and wear thick gloves. Plant them where your dog won't be walking as it can be quite difficult to remove the thorns of cacti from the paw of a distressed dog.

Think ahead. It can be fairly easy to plant a small cactus plant but how big will it grow? If you need to remove it when it is fully grown, will it be a difficult job? Some cacti grow very tall.

This pretty cactus is several metres tall and I would hate the job of removing it Image by Marie Vonow

Consider paying to get your lawn cut
Some people enjoy cutting the lawn and trimming the edges and feel it is a waste of money to pay someone else to do it. However, for others it is cash well spent. It also means you don't have to worry about paying for your mower, whipper snipper and blower to be serviced and repaired. If you don't have a car it can be difficult to transport equipment to a repair shop.

Grow easy care plants
Some plants are very easy to grow. Climatic conditions and the soil will influence just which plants grow readily in your garden. Some people enjoy the challenge of fussing over their plants to get them to grow but I am not one of those people. Therefore my garden contains pelargoniums, lavender, geraniums and daisies as well as a few Australian native shrubs.

Have a bird bath
If you are going to sit outside with a coffee and enjoy looking at your garden, consider getting a bird bath so you can observe birds drinking and taking a bath. As thanks some birds will help you by eating insect pests living in your garden.

The bird bath makes my garden more enjoyable for my feathered friends Image by Marie Vonow

Swap and share
Swap and share your excess vegetables, fruit, seedlings and cuttings with other gardeners. It means you don't have to grow everything yourself, you build a sense of community and save money. It is fun to share your love of gardening with others and makes the gardening experience even more enjoyable.

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