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Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me

by Mathilda K Burton (follow)
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Your first love, wonít be your last. And your Prince Charming isnít always the picture you had in your head.

It is okay to fail, it is okay to be wrong.

Youíre supposed to make mistakes, but you need to learn from them.

It is okay to not always be okay.

The hardest thing in life is choosing what path to take.
Trusting is hard, but you shouldnít stop doing it all together, no matter how many times you get burnt.

It isnít healthy to keep everything bottled up inside.

What people think you of doesnít matter, but your reputation kind of does.

You donít need to have a lot of friends, but just a few really good ones.

You will one day have your biological family, but also the family youíve chosen.

Regretting something is just silly, because everything youíve done or not done in your life adds up to who you are.

Donít close your heart off Ė it is the life force of your soul, not just your body.

Only stress about the things you can change, about the things you have control over.

Holding a grudge is an intense waste of energy.
Let go.

If you feel strongly about it, then do it.

Love is the most powerful emotion a person will ever feel Ė donít mess around with it.

Being an adult is hard, but being a teenager is harder.
A true relationship is about a lot more than just sex; if you are connected to that person, then sex isnít the be-all-and-end-all.

The most comfort you will ever feel is when someone is holding your hand, so let them.

Smiling is important, so do it every single day.

Take your make up off before you go to bed, no matter how tired or drunk you are.

Keep spare underwear in your handbag at all times Ė a sexy pair, and an emergency pair.

It is okay to look like an idiot, as long as you are having fun and not hurting anyone else.

Happiness is the ultimate goal.

Share your life with people.

And the most important thing?

Always stay true to yourself, even if the odds are against you, even if you donít really know who you are. Just be yourself, because who you are is amazing, no matter what.

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Hello Matilda how can I ever thank you for your beautiful words if only more people thought like you. I have told my work colleagues about your writings and now I want to pass them on to my daughter and your picture of Mother and Daughter by the sea is this a painting that I I can get ,I love it.
Thanks for making me feel better
Deborah, thank you so much for letting me know how much you appreciate something I have written!
Uf you post your email address on here, then I will happily send you through the piece of writing - I'll make it look all pretty for you to give your daughter.
The art work I found on Google, by searching "mother and daughter".
Thank you again!
nice read ..
I think it must be Mathilda. She illustrated a Martin Waddell book called The Big Big Sea and the pictures look pretty much the same. It made me cry it was so lovely you can check it out here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Big-Sea-Martin-Waddell/dp/1406323241/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389690798&sr=8-1&keywords=the+big+big+sea

I'm sorry sarah, I don't know who the artist is. I will look it up for you and let you know :)
I'm sorry sarah, I don't know who the artist is. I will look it up for you and let you know :)
who was the artist that did the picture ? was it Jennifer Eachus ?
Hi Elean

The author Mathilda K Burton has kindly allowed me to make a printable of this article for download.

Two pages - one of the image and one of the text. You can trim the prints and stick onto a sturdy matt or card for framing.

Here's the download: https://www.mediafire.com/?pp9hn22lxi4n6uc

Regards and love xxx...
Elean, email me at mkburton93@gmail.com and I will send you a copy, all nicely edited and ready for printing :)
Have a terminally ill daughter who would love a copy for her young daughter .how do I gain a copy of this article to frame
What a lovely article. I enjoyed reading it :)
A wonderful article, and I love the image :)
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