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The Work Never Seems To Stop...

by Rhi Rhi T (follow)
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An image I was sent via Facebook
Being a woman...

A vicious circle called life.

Is a woman's work ever done? Even when we have nothing to do...why do we feel so busy so often?

Ah, those routines. Sound familiar?

You're not alone.

1) Wake up. Turn the alarm off.

2) Lay in bed tossing and turning - until the snooze timer you hit runs out, and the alarm goes off again.

3) Wake up Boyfriend (H)...kick him out of bed.

4) Get up. Have breakfast and coffee. H leaves for work.

5) Put away last nights dishes that were draining before doing this mornings washing up.

6) Have shower. Get dressed. Make the bed.

7) Tidy up the apartment. Get bag ready for uni.

8) Put make up on and style my hair.

9) One last check of my apartment, making sure all electronics are off.

10) One last check in the mirror, making sure I have everything.

11) Leave for the train station. Go to uni.

12) Meet up with friends. Print off class work/notes, and next weeks readings. Go to class.

13) Have lunch. Look around a book store. End up buying way too many books, yet I feel justified in doing so.

14) Go back to train station, and go back home.

15) Put uni stuff away. Get ready for work and leave.

16) Finish shift work. Go shopping for the ingredients to cook dinner. Go home.

17) Check what assessments need to be done for uni. Make a plan as to how I’m going to answer the questions, as well as identifying what resources/ information I'll need. H comes home.

18) Double check tonights recipe. Oops, I realise that there is one ingredient missing. Put washing on.

19) Walk back to the supermarket with H to buy missing ingredient.

20) Start cooking. Pre heat oven. Make the caramelised sauce. Prep the pork.

21) While cooking. I'm now preparing the vegetables and gravy. I get H to set the table.

22) After everything's cooked. Now it's time to carve the meat and serve the food. Finally, time to eat dinner.

23) After eating I clean up bowls on the table. I also put the leftovers away. Wash/wipe up and put away dishes.

24) Hang out washing. Clean oven. Clean sides. Wipe down table. Wash floor.

25) Take rubbish and recycling out to the bins.

26) Look around the apartment, and see what housework needs to be done for tomorrow.

27) Get uniform ready for work tomorrow morning.

28) Finally sit down with a glass of wine, and watch a little TV before getting ready for bed.

As I said, the work never seems to stop. This is just one day out of many. That’s why H and I have this on going joke that I'm a “House Wife in Training,” because I do the majority of the house work during the week; and I also cook dinner and make sure the apartment looks neat and tidy. Plus there are uni and work responsibilities. The only thing I don’t have to do yet is look after children...that’s still a few years away; however when the kids do manifest - I’m sure my job list will double.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Housewives (or versions there of) are evolving. It's no longer just staying at home and looking after the family. Women go out and get degrees and jobs, and still try and do all they can at home. I am so lucky to know many of these amazing women like my mum; H’s mum, and many of my girlfriends in similar situations.

I hope that one day I can be as good as they are at both my career and home life.

Key lessons:

Time management is everything
If you feel overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths. All will work out in the end.
Even with a full on to do list, you'll get everything done that is important.
Sharing is caring
Don't sweat the small stuff
Life is on ongoing journey. We keep growing. We keep on evolving.
We are all busy, and therefore we all equally contribute to society.
Everyone is doing the utmost best that they can, with the resources they have available.

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While your doing all the "women's work", what's your bf doing? That could be part of the problem right there!

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
― Albert Einstein

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