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The Ultimate Hack to Solving Procrastination

by Natasha U (follow)
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A decision of doing it now

So, did you come here to find The Ultimate Hack to Stop Procrastinating?

I hate to break the news to you, but, (whispers) there's no such thing.


Don't ram all sorts of insults to me just yet. I'm not saying that you can't cure procrastination. Like many others in this lovely planet, I was a major procrastinator too until I realize how to get around it.

But I know that I'm not lazy or disorganized. In fact, I pride myself in creating neat schedules and to-do-lists when I start my day. I'm an early bird, I eat breakfast every day, I set reasonable goals for me to accomplish within specific time frames. I surround myself with highly motivated people who get things done before their deadlines and others who do their stuff right after it's assigned to them.

Yet, I still delayed all my work till the last minute. I always rush my way through in cold sweat to meet the REAL deadline when all my self-imposed deadlines were swept under the rug. And I was real tired of feeling like *beep* when I did nothing productive in the end of the day.

So, like you, I read a lot of articles on how to stop procrastinating (like this one). And of course, end up procrastinating even more. Even after implementing the rational advices written in these articles, I still found myself in the same hole I wanted to exit from.

My advice, then?

Just do it.

It's that simple. No, I'm not saying that it's easy, because breaking a habit requires a lot of personal effort. I'm just saying that there's no "ultimate hack" to do it. It all begins with that switch in your brain that tells you to get on to it.

Stop telling yourself all the reasons of why you should do it later. Stop telling yourself that you canít do it. Stop telling yourself anything altogether. Go to that ďautoĒ mode where you stop thinking, and get up and

Just do it!

Donít waste your time reading all those articles that tell you what to do, when you know exactly what to do. In fact, donít waste your time reading this article. I know it sounds clichť, but thereís only one person who can make you stop procrastinating. And itís you.

Procrastination is all but a mind game to motivate yourself to do something now. And in the end, you have to do it anyways! So why should you wait till the last minute when youíre rushing and panicking when you can do it now? Really,


Click here if you ever need encouragement from Shia LaBeouf to just do it now :)

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