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The Ultimate Game of Madness

by Sasha (follow)
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Couple fighting
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You have had a busy day at work .The train was already late .Biting a green apple which you wish you never bought, you board the train. Travelling in solitude, you expect to see your partner at the train station to pick you up. You know he has taken the day off and that is more than a reason for him to be on time.

But what usually happens.

The Phone Saga
You call him and he doesn't pick up. You ignore and try again. And again and again. Finally he picks up and says " I am leaving home NOW".

The 'You didn't tell me' episode
Her (In astonishment) : " Are you just leaving? I am already here"
Him :" But I asked you to call me when you leave work "
Her ( Given up ) : I said I would call when I come to the station.
Him : You didn't tell me that !

It's not so bad stage
While the waiting is in progress and you eat your green apple, you decide to top up your Myki card.

'I cannot take this anymore'
While you insert your card in the myki booth, the transaction is rejected. The account has been overdrawn .You suddenly remember him talking to you about that TV which is on sale in Aldi. Slowly your eyebrows begin to meet.

'As if it wasn't enough' episode
Thanks to lovely Melbourne weather, it was hot a few mins back and now it is cold. It slowly starts to drizzle and you realise you don't have your jacket with you. You walk back to the station bench and sit down. Thank God he isn't in front of you now !

Where the hell are you?
You reach for your phone in your handbag .You dial his number .It is not reachable. With an absolute sense of temper you dial again. Thank God it rings now .Where the hell are you ??

Why cant you wait
He says " We don't own a Boeing" I have to drive down to Sunshine.

The Sunset
Her : " What do you mean sunshine? I am in Flinders street"
The sun just set for him.

You throw your green apple into the bin. You almost throw your phone down, but suddenly realise you cannot live without it. You just lock it and put it back safely. You tell yourself, I am done with this !You think of possible ways to get back .

Car in the distance
Finally you see him. You don't say a word. He starts explaining and you just stay quiet. Already hungry, tired and feeling cold, you think to yourself, now I have to get back home and cook and clean .

The moment
You walk home and see some flowers on the table. A simple meal cooked and most importantly the dishwasher loaded with the dirty dishes. You turn to him with a big smile and all that madness suddenly disappears.

Sometimes it just happens that we judge our partner too quickly. With everyday stress we forget how much they love us .Let us try to see the small things in life and appreciate them.

As you smile and cast your eye around the house, you see that new TV that he has bought !
And the madness starts again :)

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