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The Terrible Three

by Millie Clayton (follow)
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When bad things happen, do we just call it a day?
Image source: http://www.beat.com.au/festivals/let-them-eat-cake-2014-lineup-revealed

I was blessed on New Years Day to be at a festival with my friends, having a great time dancing and enjoying the music.

When I said 'blessed' before I mean 'blessed' so much to the point where a bird relieved its bowels onto my face. I felt as if I had been shot. Upon impact, I thought someone had thrown a taco at me from afar. It was only after the several people who pointed and laughed happened to relax enough, did I get informed on what had gone down.

New Years Day this year was pouring down at this particular location I was at. I had forgotten water-proof apparel as had a lot of my festival counterparts, so there was a sense of liberation from having nowhere to hide from nature.

There were lots of trees, and to get to particular stages one would have to trawl through some shrubbery just in order to avoid the crowds. I happened to be one of the people who was walking through some trees when suddenly, something punched me square in the face. I fell back to the ground and looked around, bewildered. No one was with me, and therefore no one who had cared had seen it. What had happened was someone ahead had pushed a branch in front of them to pass through. Once in clear view he had, and then let it go so it plummeted back with force to hit me directly in the head. Number Two.

Walking peacefully through the grounds a few hours later, I happened to get physically assaulted a third time. Some merry folk had decided to throw some shoe wear around for a bit entertainment. Because let's face it, what else is there to do at a music festival other than throw shoes around aimlessly? With the force of a cricket ball that has been thrown by the Shane Warne, I got pelted by a shoe in the chest. I crumpled to the ground. That was three.

I so nearly let it get the best of me, but I had come a long way and had paid a reasonable amount of money to come to this festival. I had gone with a best friend, and she nearly got refused entry because the ticket she had gotten off 'GumTree' had turned out to be stolen. Thankfully, a beautiful man with hair died as red as the sun snuck us in. He was one of the 'door bitches' - but he had kind eyes, and he was empathetic to the situation.

So many negative chance occurrences ensued at this festival. I hadn't gone out the night before so I could have a great day, but it was as if the world had decided to spit on me…directly in the eyes. If the bird situation is considered good luck any other day of the year then for me, it must count for one whole year as it happened on New Years Day. Therefore, I have made a decision that this means that it looks like 2014 won't be so bad after all.

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