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The Story of Destiny and Decision

by Sasha (follow)
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whatever happens
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Once upon a time , two girls, 'Destiny' and 'Decision' walked down the aisle. After few years, during a conversation over coffee, the girls discuss about their life.

Between tough and being alright
Destiny is upset about her life. She has had a tough time dealing with pregnancy, marital issues, work related stress and just about anything. Whereas decision says she is happy in her life. Her husband is loving and everything seems to be alright.

The Blame game
Destiny blames fate for all the problems she has. She attributes her unhappiness to it and says it's all meant to be this way and no matter what she did, life wouldn't get better. Decision on the other hand, blamed herself too. But she said she made the right choices in life and that is why she is where she is.

Failures are destiny and Successes are Decisions??
Is it possible that we blame destiny for all our failures and credit ourselves for all our successful decisions??Why is it we never say "Why God, Why, Why did you give me all this success ?'.Like always, all this got me wondering.

Reasoning Life
We always want to reason out our life. We reason out our failure, break up, sorrow and investigate what went wrong. If we don't get answers, we immediately call it destiny. When we are able to see a reason clearly, it becomes a conscious decision. At the end we play the blame game with ourselves.

Destiny or Decision
Decision or destiny, lets hope that whatever happens ;happens for the good . We always have a choice. A choice to choose happiness over everything. Whatever that is happening in our life today is happening for a reason. To teach us important lessons and to bring some lovely people to us. Lets call this destiny. But whatever outcome it gives, let our decision be to 'be happy'.

Destiny or Decision, it doesn't make a difference, as long as we don't forget to smile.

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Beautiful very deep and meaningful, thanks
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