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The Roller Coaster Ride

by angelstar (follow)
Natisha Field
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These words speak so true. We all go on this journey. How is it one morning you wake up and feel fine, looking forward to the start of your day with a smile on your face, yet the next you feel like a steam roller has rolled over you and reversed back over again.

I don’t mean literally, yet you feel emotionally drained and weak, but why do think this happens? Your emotions each day can take you on an upper then a downer. You either feel like celebrating and laughing, or cringing and going in to hibernation.

My example is this the other day I woke up, smiled, looked out to the ocean and felt happy. My life was ticking away fine, and then I received some really bad news about a very close family member of mine. This devastating news ever since has made me very teary eyed and sad. I cannot seem to put my whole focus into my days. I am on the roller coaster ride nearing a bumpy ride.

I have come to the conclusion that I guess in a way we all take life for granted. We all assume we will wake the next morning and go about our daily chores and tasks; but this may not be so, and if so for how long? Did you ever think to yourself what your life would be like without your loved ones? Very sad but it does happen.

There are families out there who go through hell because of sickness or permanent illnesses. That is the circle of life. I am also starting to feel disappointed and hurt that I am unable to fix this situation.

I guess this is where patience and love can help solve the problems of life. When you are facing a hard road ahead, we must stand up and fight for you and everyone’s survival.

Show hope and laughter (the best medicine). Most of all be there when your loved one is on that downward spiral ride.

I have chosen to get off this ride and jump out with my arms flying open to love, and therefore embrace this life. This has really taught me that “life is short.” Do not spend it angry or bitter. Just enjoy your complex ride.

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How true! I have always said'' life is so short. ''
After being on ''roller coasters'' myself, I have learned to enjoy the people in my life, love, forgive and move forward. Great article! Thank-you. Janet

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