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The Nuances Of Nostalgia

by Akshay Chougaonkar (follow)
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Into life's wilderness.
Nostalgia can lead you into life's wilderness.

With each step away from the past that you take, you turn around, perceiving those faint echoes that crawl. The further you move the fainter are the echoes. You try harder and harder to hear those dying echoes. Nostalgia ridden, you try to take the present head-on. It’s just that you’re not facing it head-on, because you are turned back, toward the past, trying to listen to those echoes. You may think everything’s alright, but it’s not. Memories are like loose garden soil. You leave a seed deep under the surface, waiting for it to sprout. And then you dig again to check it – trying to revisit the memories. You feel happy knowing that the seed is going strong. The seed may sprout and you may dig up again; feeling happy that it has sprouted. But, look what you’ve done! You might have just killed it. You hurt yourself by doing it every now and then.

Fleeting look of the joyous outbursts,
The eyes. They embrace the time.
Etched in my mind; those moments,
Gazing the creation sublime.

Nostalgia is something, which could weaken you. It could be the wind that could thrust the sails of your boat in the opposite direction. It could render you like a boomerang flung back in the past, but instead of turning back, it gets stuck there.
Snowflaked and frozen!
Trapped in the quicksand!
Then actions plunged into oblivion!

On one note, nostalgia is good. If you are sailing troubled waters in the present, a quick trip down the pleasant memory lane can help you develop a positive attitude for the present. It might alleviate the undue stress that you might be facing currently by helping you visualise the good times. You could turn nostalgia into a way to propel ahead. All you need is a realization – a realization that at certain point you will have to turn back to the present to make the best out of the trip down the memory lane.

Most people tend to overlook the importance of that ‘realization’. They wander off deep into the world of memories, lose the track of time and get lost in the memory-land. Memories are similar to the wild, wild west. It is a chaotic place – it can make you feel great. Just like other vile addictions, nostalgia can turn into an addiction. By letting this happen, you make your present worse.

All you need to remember is that you are a boomerang being flung into the past, with an aim of returning back. You are not a Frisbee flung into the past.

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