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The Necessity of Nature: Why we Need to Preserve it

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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a lotus flower
If being oxygen suppliers that are responsible for the fact that we stay alive, there are so many gifts nature offers us. Image courtesy of foto76 at freedigitalphotos.net

To a greater or lesser degree, we are surrounded by nature. We may just have our usual background lawns, with perhaps pot plants and herbs growing. Maybe we live in the country or bush where nature predominates over man-made buildings, shops and other constructions.

Personally, I feel sad that we assume such a casual nature to chopping down rainforests, and abolishing huge areas of natural habitat for reasons such as high-rises. This is because nature is often taken for granted. Not only does it provide us with oxygen, without which we would not survive, there are so many other gifts nature proffers us, if we take the time to look at it and appreciate it.

It provides a serenity and quiet that is almost impossible to find in larger towns and cities. We may perhaps believe this is something we can live without. However, imagine your home for a minute – is it not some kind of haven? What would you do if you did not dwell there and you lived outside near the streets? Peace no doubt would be almost impossible to find.

Bush walks can be exhilarating. For example, there are guides who take visitors to Roma Street Parklands on guided tours where we can learn so much about fauna.

Nature provides food for so many of our animals – horses, cows and many other animals rely on nature for their staple diet. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber to name a few provide us with abundant vitamins, minerals and health-giving nutrients.

So many of our pharmaceuticals and herbs come from nature – for example aloe vera and paw paw ointment to name just two.

Nature helps us connect with the living. It gives us a sense of responsibility. Nature depends upon us to take care of it. An indulgent pay –off is the relaxation that so many gardeners enjoy and the reason they spend so much time in the garden.
Bunches of flowers are perennial gifts – from Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and just to say “I love you”.

I don’t know many people who don’t find nature beautiful to the eye. Nature provides visual pleasure to us, whether it be seeing a beautifully tended garden, or revelling in a rainforest walk.

Nature provides a habitat for so many of Australia’s natural fauna and wildlife…cut down the gum trees, and what would happen to the beautiful koala bear?
Building houses on what was nature might provide employment, but nature gives us something even more essential – life. Let’s not take it for granted anymore.

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