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The Joy Of Creativity

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Creativity, Group, Joy, Self Doubt, Self expression, Solitary, Therapy
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It is very satisfying to indulge in a creative activity such as writing, art, pottery, music or sewing. It is a way to express oneself and can bring joy to the creator and others. For some, creative expression is a form of therapy. Sometimes the process of expressing oneself or creating something is more important than the result.

When people start out in some form of creative pursuit they sometimes wonder if they will run out of ideas. Usually they find the more things they create, the more inspiration they have. Writers can suffer from writerís block but this is usually a temporary situation. Generally writers find the more they write the more ideas they come up with.

Creative pursuits may be something a person enjoys doing alone and the solitary nature of the activity may be part of the joy of it. Others find being in the company of others works better for them.

Some people are comfortable being creative while others watch. Recently I watched artists creating street art at the Wonderwalls festival at Port Adelaide. I spoke to a man handing out printed information. He said he was an artist himself but liked to paint on his own. He expressed admiration for the creators of street art who could paint while people watched. In addition he commented on their ability to answer questions and concentrate on their painting at the same time.

Creativity, Group, Joy, Self Doubt, Self expression, Solitary, Therapy
Artist at work at Wonderwalls. Authorís own photo

Some people who do quilting enjoy being part of a group of quilters. They look forward to regular meetings where they share information and enjoy the company of people with a common interest. There are those who spend a weekend together quilting and sharing conversation as well as sewing techniques. This is not limited to quilters. I have known other groups of people with a hobby in common who enjoy a weekend away together. Much of the time will be devoted to their shared creative pursuit.

Creativity, Group, Joy, Self Doubt, Self expression, Solitary, Therapy
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Writers may benefit from being part of a writersí group. Some writers appreciate input from other people but there are those who prefer to keep their writing private. For some, writing is a form of therapy and they do not want to share it with others. On the other hand there are those who write to express their ideas and they want to share their writings with as many people as possible. The internet is a great vehicle for doing this.

Sometimes a person wants to try sketching, painting, pottery or some other creative activity but is afraid they wonít be good at it. It can take time to learn some of the techniques involved. Practice may be needed. Judging a piece of art or writing is subjective and people will have different opinions. The main thing is probably to have a go and not worry too much about the results or what other people may say. Perhaps you will need to ignore your inner critic. Poet Sylvia Plath said, íThe worst enemy to creativity is self- doubt.í

People who are creative and innovative will try different things. Sometimes the end result wonít be what the creator hoped. The American cartoonist, Scott Adams said, íCreativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.í

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