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The Healing Power of Love

by Justine Crowley (follow)
Independent Business Consultant, Doctor, HubGarden Editor and Author/Publisher of four self help books: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JustineCrowley
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Image: The Secret Facebook page. Love thyself first, before loving others. You must do both. It is essential to your wellbeing.

Love is universal. From the feedback received from a few of my readers, who have gone ahead and have purchased a copy of my book called Love. Gratitude. Abundance. Life. really got the power of love in everything, and not just in the relationships form.

The following is an extract from this same book, and it just goes to show that love (combined with gratitude) hits the richter scale when wanting to emit positive vibes and emotions out into the universe for more breakthroughs and abundance to manifest into your world.

Love most certainly has strong healing powers. With love - people can heal themselves from extreme illnesses and adversities, and even from dis-eases where doctors may tell a patient that their dis-ease is incurable. This is not true to an abundant and prosperous thinker. Incurable is thus translated to mean curable from within with a lot of self love and healing.

You can easily love and respect yourself, and then others will join the party and love you right back. It is all in the mind and based around your attitude.
Dis-ease cannot stay in an abundant and prosperous thinker with a kick-ass positive attitude, regardless as to what life throws at them. Illness just can't, as our bodies re-generate new cells every few days.

Again, love is not just implied to mean a relationship with your partner. Love is really also a lot about how you feel inside, and loving yourself and others from the heart literally. You feel a lot of energy from your heart, and hence in such cases you would be sending out more love energy into the universe. People do unconsciously pick up and feel your loving embraces.

Love simply is. An opportune time to meditate and ask yourself quality questions, and quality answers will start flooding into your psyche. On the back of this, you will truly appreciate and feel what love really is, and thus use it for healing yourself, and if you're that way inclined - towards other people as well.

Really trust this process, and through present, enlightened and focused meditation on your healing; the answer for you will definitely come to you.
When you really get this - the real meaning of love, your heart chakra really begins to open up. You begin to realise that love is not an external thing. Love is inside of yourself, and is a brilliant awakening and chance to really look after number one, that is yourself - your most important asset. Accepting love and accepting life as a result is really about what is, and being present to life's unfolding's and journeys. Do not judge life on what it should be, and simply only observe what is. There is no right or wrong in life, it really is just what's so right now.

Real love is knowing that when someone criticises you; you need to delve deep inside and find out when you criticised someone else in a similar situation. Conversely, the universe is sending criticism back to you in this situation when you least wanted, as you did the same to someone else previously. This could have also been in a past life, ceteris paribus. If you cannot find such a situation when you criticised someone else - your ego is in the way, and this traps the love you have for yourself, as well as for other people. When you do this, all you will feel is compassion for the person who criticised you - also knowing that on the opposite end of the spectrum there is someone else praising you to keep you balanced and centered in love with yourself.

To keep your heart chakra and the love you have for yourself alive, it is also wise to hang around and spend time with those people who love you, and are genuinely loving towards other people. This will endeavour to make the world a more enriching, empowering and generous place to live in.

Activating all of your chakras in your body means that you are literally raising the bat on your success, abundance and prosperity. The more you raise your levels of consciousness, the more your chakras expand.

Healing also comes from love. It is all about releasing stresses in your body to return to your natural state of balance away from stress and burn out. People with such symptoms (all illnesses and dis-eases) arise as a result of stress (Louise Hay is brilliant at discussing this) are not being their real loving selves. It really is as simple as that. Symptoms of illness and dis-ease in someones body comes from imbalanced perceptions that they feel that they are not loved, and thus try very hard to look for evidence of being loved when this is absolutely unnecessary. You need to trust yourself, and know that the love you have for yourself is always present, regardless as to how you really feel in any given moment.

An awesome question to ask yourself to edify this love you have for yourself would be to ask yourself: "How much time do I spend during my day feeling the love that I have in my heart?"

Filling our levels of consciousness with fear and anxiety - in tandem with being way too hard on ourselves really diminishes the love we have for ourselves, and ultimately the love we have for other people. A cause causes a certain effect. The more time we spend feeling the love within us, the more we strengthen our immune system that makes it easy for our bodies to release any symptoms, and maintain our natural state of health, wellbeing and balance.

Love really does heal.

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