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The Happiness Project Part 2: Take Control

by Justine Crowley (follow)
Independent Business Consultant, Doctor, HubGarden Editor and Author/Publisher of four self help books: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JustineCrowley
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Image: The Power Facebook Page. Take control of your own happiness and shine into the light.

You are the boss of your own happiness, and even your own unhappiness. As you know we are able to control our thoughts; no different to how quickly soap removes dirt. If you missed Part 1 of Self Avenue's Happiness Project to bring 2014 to an awesome start on gratitude, then go ahead and read Part 1 now.

Now I am up to date on this three-month project for the benefit of you wonderful Self Avenue subscribers and readers, Part 3 will be on its way to you in just under a week. Each part will thereby follow in quick succession every seven days thereafter.

We're now going to explore how you affect your own happiness. You need to be driving your own bus, not handing over the keys to someone else. Who knows, that someone else may take you to a dream location, or to the gutter/a dead end. Don't leave your happiness to chance. So many people walk around wearing blindfolds (figure of speech) as there is no direction. The power is now within you to claim this back, and/or to maintain this awesome direction for your fabulous and happy life.

Step 1: Following on from part 1, is there anything else that makes you happy - of which you forgot to jot down when you attended to this exercise last? If so, go ahead and add more. Remember, happiness is the abundance multiplier.

Step 2: Although a little on the negative side, please stay with me on this. As per Step 1 above, if there is anything else that detracts from your own happiness that you forgot to note down, then go ahead and do it now.

Step 3: The blame game. Yes, a pretty dumb game to play. Stop playing this game right now, and turn back to the game of taking full control of your life. When we blame others for our unhappy circumstances or otherwise, we're diminishing our own power to be happy. We're not taking more responsibility for our lives. With greater responsibility comes more freedom, and that (freedom) is an awesome thing. Trust me.

An area of my life where I did not blame the examiners for missing out on one mark to get into postgraduate medicine this year, makes way for a perfect example to illustrate the above step. This is how I conquered Step 3 when I took control over failing this important exam by only one mark:

"I failed the GAMSAT by only one mark. The test in itself was great personal development for me. I have learnt so much about my strengths and weaknesses. I am so glad I took a whole day out of my Saturday to sit this exam. I did well considering that the last academic exam I sat was back in 2005, and now it's May 2013. To be able to concentrate on science for 5.5 hours in a day was remarkable too. I still applied to the graduate medical schools of my choice because I believe in myself, and I believe in miracles. When it comes time for me to sit this exam again in March 2014, I will ensure that there aren't any overlapping commitments eating into my valuable prep time such as renovating a house. Otherwise I would have passed this exam. Naturally I am still disappointed, although I am not blaming myself for what happened. I still take full responsibility for what happened here."

Yes, a miracle did occur. Because of implementing and working on step 3 of taking back control of my own happiness in this instance, I was considered for wildcard entry to become a medical doctor in 2014 - to be a trainee children's surgeon and immunologist. However, through a miraculous sequence of unexpected new responsibilities in my business not long thereafter - from setting up and running chocolate tours that have taken off, as well as being unexpectedly promoted to a Media Consultant/Creative Director, and publishing four personal development/self help books that are selling copies - to being a super busy HubGarden editor of four hubs that are going great; I am so glad I am not going to become a doctor shortly. Everything happens for a reason. I am much happier being a successful, high paying artist than I realised. Therefore, I don't need (or want) to become a medical doctor anymore. No more GAMSAT prep, hooray. The universe knew what it was doing for me.

Step 4: Take stock. How are you currently spending your day at the moment? Write this down day by day, hour by hour. Are you happy with how you're spending your day at the moment? Even if you are, could any refinements need to be made? Guys, you must include work as we all need to be of service to other people. If you're not happy, then write down how you would like to spend each and every minute of each and every day. Not to impress you, however to impress upon you that when I started this exercise I had no idea how I could live my dream life, be happy and still make decent money. Now that ideal daily existence is now a reality for me.

Remember, very little is needed to make you happy. You can make your life design work on a budget. There is no need to buy an expensive flight ticket to find yourself. A $15 lunch with water views is just supreme yet affordable. You do not need much to enjoy a great, happy life - although the more money you do have, the more choices you will have in your life.

Bonus, additional ways to take control of your awesome life for your own happiness, prosperity and wellbeing now follows:

Focus on the things you can change, and accept the things that you can't.

No excuses. Hold yourself accountable. Do not procrastinate.

Eliminate the top five things that make you unhappy. That is a manageable start.

Spend more time on those things that make you happy on a weekly basis.

Believe in yourself.

Be conservative and think things through.

Prioritise. If it makes you feel better, work hard now and then play later. When certain milestones in your work or business are reached, then go ahead and treat yourself.

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